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Providing you the latest inspection equipment

If you need a solution to unexpected downtime we have a variety of rental equipment to choose from that will get your operations back up and running. We also offer both short and long term rentals to meet your needs. This service is offered in China, Europe, LATAM, MENAT, NAM & Russia. Find information to contact your local sales representative below.

Our products that are available for rent are always tested and calibrated before you receive them, making sure you can minimize downtime.



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Additional Services
Technical Support
Our team of experts are committed to answering your technical support questions and providing you with the support you need. They are available to assist you anytime.
Equipment Repairs
When equipment needs servicing, we'll get it back to you faster – and make sure the job is done right.
Advanced Inspection Solutions
With our highly-trained personnel and our broad product portfolio, we are able to respond to your problems and find a custom solution.
With online and in person training, we can help you perform next level inspections.