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Bently Nevada, a Baker Hughes business, offers a plant-wide, holistic suite of hardware, software, and services that help you achieve the highest level of asset reliability possible - all of which is backed up by our over 60 years of industry-leading expertise and truly global support.

Our condition monitoring software, System 1 and our deep selection of associated hardware work seamlessly to provide your teams the real-time data, condition monitoring, and alarm protocols they need to prevent unexpected downtime, accurately monitor vibration, and correctly diagnose your equipment's issues.

Our support service offerings add further value to your Bently Nevada solution with features such as remote monitoring, hardened cyber-secure installation and support, and much more - all while meeting your production and maintenance goals.

Moreover, when you need expert training, Bently Nevada offers the expertise of our seasoned field engineers in over 50 training facilities worldwide.

New to Bently Nevada technology? Explore plant-wide solutions via our new app:

  • Find the best solution for your machinery
  • Discover how you can get a more accurate view of your machine's condition - and why that is so important
  • Read success stories from customers in your industry
The Bently Nevada Story

Explore the world of plant-wide solutions in the new app

New to the Bently Nevada technology? Looking for the best solution at your plant? Interested in finding ways to see more clearly the condition of your machines? Want to see inside some of the most cutting-edge hardware in the industry? 

Then this app is for you! Bently Nevada hardware, software, and services are designed with the customer in mind - you. And a picture is worth a thousand words!  Bently Nevada is passionate about innovating the best ways to detect, diagnose, and maintain all of your assets. 

What are you waiting for? Open the app right here on our website to see how all of these things connect, read the latest success stories of customers in your industry, and discover the value of condition monitoring - click the image right to see a whole new side of Bently Nevada.

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System 1
This cutting-edge software leads the way by providing actionable data, enabling more intelligent decisions and greater insights
Over 60 years of innovation
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