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Bearing Condition Monitoring

Reduce costly downtime through early bearing failure detection & prevention

When managing your rotating machinery's overall health, the condition of your rolling element bearings plays a critical role. A single bearing failure alone can cause machine shutdown, resulting in costly downtime and production loss.  

At Bently Nevada we offer a wide range of bearing condition monitoring tools, software, and equipment for early bearing fault detection and diagnosis. From vibration sensors to data acquisition tools and diagnostic software, we have the solutions you need to keep your plant running efficiently and effectively. Properly designed and carefully lubricated bearings can have virtually infinite life. However, given enough time all REBs will eventually fail through a fatigue mechanism that can be greatly accelerated by poor installation, overloading, improper lubrication, or contamination.  

Explore Bently Nevada's full range of asset performance management and monitoring solutions for protecting your plant-wide machinery and preventing unplanned downtime.

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Discover early indications of a bearing problem with Bently Nevada Accelerometers

Bently Nevada Vibration Monitors,  2300 series, 1900/65a equipment monitor,  ADAPT 3701/40 machinery dynamics, orbit 60 machinery protection

Our vibration monitors provides all the data from accelerometers that is needed for good bearing condition…

Vibration Monitors
wireless condition monitoring, Ranger Pro, vibration sensor, condition monitoring sensor, vibration detector, remote vibration sensor

Real-time remote vibration monitoring combined with rapid, simple deployment.

Wireless Condition Monitoring…
Portable Vibration Analyzers and Data Collectors  | Bently Nevada

Light, fast, easy to use, and very capable. 

Data Collectors & Analyzers

Common Causes of Bearing Failure

Bearing Wear Monitoring - The Bently Approach

The an ideal scenario, machines with Rolling Element Bearings would be monitored in the same way as critical journal bearing machines (vibration transducers at each bearing, bearing temperature, Keyphasor† sensor, online monitor). However, it can be economically difficult to justify that level of monitoring. 

The best method for monitoring bearing temperature, wear and overall condition is through online monitoring - using either a permanently installed, continuous or scanning systems. With an online system, a proper transducer suite is needed to detect when a machine is having a problem.

In the absence of an online monitoring system, a portable data collector (PDC) is the next best approach.  An important part of establishing a PDC route is defining how often the data is taken. The more often the data is collected, the more likely an early bearing failure detection will be made. But as a consequence, the cost of the condition monitoring will be higher due to more frequent data collection and analysis. The route creation and timing depend on the machine operating hours, running speed, load, process and environmental conditions, and so on.

For further information regarding roller element bearing monitoring, please contact a Bently Nevada Application & Solution Architect or Machinery Diagnostic Services engineer to assist you with recommendations.

Case Studies

Troubleshooting Roller Element Bearings

System 1 Bearing


£20k in maintenance saved

Motor Vibration Signatures:…
Roller Element Bearing Graphic


Continuous, gradual growth in acceleration levels

Bearing Wear Due To Improper…
3500 Rack

Increasing vibration noted after software alarms triggered on an NGL pump motor.

Off Shore LNG Pump

Advanced Condition Monitoring Solutions from Bently Nevada

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Orbit 60 - Machine Condition Monitoring and Protection System

Orbit 60 Series is Bently Nevada’s next generation of machinery protection and condition monitoring designed to be the most advanced system for all your critical machinery assets, as well as your plant-wide assets, across a wide range of industrial applications.  Orbit 60 Series is built on a fully distributable architecture that allows you to monitor all your assets regardless of complexity or location and is intrinsically cyber secure.

System 1 Evolution, with an intense focus on plantwide device integration and Condition Monitoring workflow

System 1 - Condition Monitoring & Diagnostic Software

Our System 1 Condition Monitoring software has been designed as an all-in-one answer to even your most difficult machine asset management and health monitoring challenges. Building on the strategic pillars of ConnectivityAnalytics, and Visualization the System 1 platform provides the plant-wide critical asset monitoring data and analytics solutions you need to keep your plant running smoothly and avoid unwanted downtime.

System 1’s connected platform gathers and stores important machine health data across your entire enterprise in one central location, for real-time analysis, diagnosis and preventative condition-based maintenance planning. Make data-informed decisions and achieve true operational intelligence with System 1.

wireless ranger pro wireless vibration sensor machine condition monitoring

Ranger Pro - Wireless Vibration Sensor

When you need real-time vibration and temperature monitoring combined with rapid, simple deployment of multiple sensors in a wireless network, encrypted data transmission, long battery life, and the ability to work in hazardous environments, Ranger Pro is your answer.

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