Our vibration transmitters protect, support and maintain your plant control systems


Bently Nevada’s industry-leading transmitters, simply put, protect your critical machinery. Bently Nevada offers two types of transmitters: the 990 Vibration Transmitter and the 991 Thrust Transmitter.

Both are consistently dependable in safeguarding your systems’ centrifugal air compressors, small pumps, motors and fans of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), while working with our 3300 NSv (narrow side view) proximity probes.

These compact yet durable transmitters allow you the ability to install them in small spaces with minimal clearance – where other transmitters won’t fit.

In addition to our transmitters, we also provide the self-contained 177230 Piezo Accelerometer, which guarantees comprehensive condition monitoring of your general-purpose machinery. The 177230 facilitates machinery control system input and gives you an optional secondary dynamic signal to diagnose your machinery’s status.

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Transmitter Product Line Overview