Our customers rely on the quality and integrity of our Sensors to monitor and measure their machinery’s performance.

5-8mm sensor

How do you measure whether your machinery is performing at its peak?  It’s simple – by installing Bently Nevada Sensors, unsurpassed in their quality & reliability. Six million sensors installed worldwide is pretty good testament to what we offer.

Our founder Don Bently – entrepreneur, engineer and authority on vibration monitoring – built and nurtured the Bently Nevada* product line. For nearly six decades his sensing devices have kept watch over our customers’ mission-critical equipment, beginning with the emergence of eddy current proximity transducers and then evolving our Sensors product line with a wide-ranging portfolio of proximity probes, Proximitor* sensors, our efficient eddy current proximity transducers – ideal for measuring rotor shaft position and vibration – and more.

To this day our Sensors portfolio continues to maintain Bently Nevada’s standard of excellence across an array of options that include accessories and components that will help you install and protect your most critical equipment.

Bently Nevada Sensors

Proximity Sensors

Our Proximity Sensors are ideal for measuring rotor shaft position and vibration within the clearances of its fluid film bearings and deliver superior performance in harsh environments across a wide range of applications.

Pressure Sensors

We offer Pressure Sensors for many different applications. From hydro turbine and centrifugal pumps to reciprocating compressor cylinders, we have a sensor for your machine. Our pressure sensors can detect both static and dynamic pressure, come with a long operational lifetime (over 50 million cycles), can operate in high humidity environments, and in the case of our 200132 – can support nine pressure ranges with variable, user-defined increments to really fine-tune your machinery diagnostics.

Acceleration & Velocity Sensors

The evolution of our current velocity sensors and accelerometers began with velocity sensors that offered a self-generating moving-coil design used by geologists to measure movement in the earth’s crust. Today we still refer to “seismic” sensors in a nod to their origin. Today’s integrated accelerometers deploy signal processing circuitry for output signals using velocity rather than acceleration. Our experience and expertise developed over decades offers a selection of first-rate casing-mounted accelerometers and velocity sensors with a variety of models for specific applications.


Our efficient and rugged Ranger Pro Wireless Sensor System provides condition monitoring across a broad range of machinery in the power generation, oil & gas and other energy-producing industries. This compact yet powerful sensor greatly improves your ability to remotely monitor hard-to-reach and unsafe locations. An impressive battery life (up to five years in some configurations) also means increased protection for all of your critical machinery.  While the Ranger Pro is compatible with many third-party software solutions, it is now fully integrated with Bently Nevada's flagship software: System 1, which allows for seamless, real-time, and fully customizable data.

Hydro Sensors

When you need to know what’s going on with your hydroelectric generator – especially while it’s in operation – Bently Nevada has you covered with our family of proven Hydro Sensors. Our Hydro Sensors record multiple variables – not just one – so that you can obtain a more accurate understanding of your machinery’s vibration issues. And with increased data and understanding comes the ability to more accurately diagnose a problem, and react accordingly avoiding costly downtime, misdiagnoses, and in some cases avoiding costly tear-down inspections that weren’t needed.


Bently Nevada’s industry-leading Transmitters, simply put, protect your critical machinery. Bently Nevada offers two types of transmitters: the 990 Vibration Transmitter and the 991 Thrust Transmitter. These compact yet durable transmitters allow you the ability to install them in small spaces with minimal clearance – where other transmitters won’t fit. In addition to our transmitters, we also provide the self-contained 177230 Piezo Accelerometer, which guarantees comprehensive condition monitoring of your general-purpose machinery.


Our current portfolio of Accessories offers a range of options from protective housings, junction boxes, and sensor mounting brackets to wiring, flexible conduits, and conduit fittings. We also offer a selection of cables, cable protectors, and more.

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