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Non-Destructive Testing

Gain peace of mind in your inspections with Waygate Technologies' portfolio of advanced non-destructive testing solutions and services

non destructive testing

Non-destructive testing (NDT) refers to a wide range of inspection or testing methods that allow inspectors to evaluate and collect data about materials, components, welds, systems, or assemblies without permanently altering or damaging them.

Waygate Technologies is a global leader in non-destructive testing products for use in your industrial NDT, NDE, or NDI inspection processes. Our product offerings include state-of-the-art NDT equipment and service solutions to power your radiographic, eddy current, ultrasonic, and remote visual inspection tasks.

We provide the best detection performance and drive technological innovations, making us the reliable partner of choice for our customers in the aerospace, electronics, automotive, battery, additive manufacturing, and energy industries.

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Perform efficient, reliable NDT inspections using advanced radiography and CT equipment.

Radiographic Testing
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Ultrasonic flaw detectors, thickness gauges, transducers, probes, automated testing systems, and more.

Ultrasonic Testing
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Video borescopes, fiberscopes, Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras, and more.

Visual Inspection
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Electromagnetic flaw detectors, eddy current testing probes, transducers, and accessories.

Eddy Current Solutions

Non-Destructive Testing FAQs

Types of Non-Destructive Testing

Case Studies & Applications

Our wide range of non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions represent the best NDT technologies available today, for virtually any application across a wide array of industries.

Read through any one of our case studies below to see how we can bring value to your NDT programs today.

Automotive Industry

Gantry-based CT scanning for optimized testing.

Speed|scan at BMW Foundry
Predictive Corrosion Management

Predictive Corrosion Management for TSA coated pipes.

Corrosion Monitoring
RVI_Carousel Slider_3_Update your Mentor Visual iQ_1500x500

See how RVI is revolutionizing aviation inspection.

Mentor Visual iQ for Aviation
Gas Turbine

See how Mentor Visual iQ adds real value to Power Generation.

Gas Turbine Inspection

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