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Ultrasonic thickness gauges

Measure thickness down to the deepest defects. Our advanced line of ultrasonic gauges are designed to provide accurate, reliable, and comprehensive thickness inspection data for a wide range of applications.

The complex geometry of metal, steel, and plastic components often makes it difficult to inspect with conventional gauges. But our market-leading solutions for ultrasonic thickness measurement are engineered to help improve safety—ensuring the reliability of your equipment or material subject to corrosion or erosion.   

Developed with powerful precision, we offer three easy-to-use thickness measuring tools: the DMS Go+ Series A-Scan Thickness Gauge for measuring remaining wall thickness of corroded or eroded equipment with expert data analysis, the CL5 Handheld Thickness Gauge, for a full range of functionality in a compact and rugged package, and the DM5E Series Wall Thickness Gauge Smart, for big ultrasonic performance in a small package.

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