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Improve asset reliability, reduce downtime, and cut maintenance costs with more precise, more efficient inspections. Our easy-to-use portable ultrasonic probes and transducers are built to last, no matter the application or environment.

With hundreds of standard options for aerospace, power generation, oil and gas, transportation, and more, as well as, options for custom designed ultrasonic probes you’re bound to find the right probes and transducers for you.  

We’re making portable ultrasonic inspections simpler than ever without compromising accuracy, so you can get your assets back online faster. Our rugged and easy-to-use instruments are built for your needs, today and tomorrow. See how.

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Five things to keep in mind when buying probes

To keep your assets reliable, you don’t just need an ultrasonic probe. You need the ultrasonic probe that’s fit for your industry and machinery. We know there are many options to choose from and the process of finding the right fit can be overwhelming. Click the images below for a guide on the key essentials to look for when buying a probe to ensure precision, usability and longevity.

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