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Customer Receives Successful First Live Remote Training from Nexus Controls

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Man doing Nexus Controls live remote training

Customer Type: Operation and Maintenance 

Industry: Oil and Gas  

Application: GE Mark VIe with Integrated Turbine-Compressor Control (ITCC) application

Solution: Live Remote Training to address travel restrictions

Brief Introduction: As part of a control system upgrade project, a customer site was planning for Nexus Controls, a Baker Hughes business, to provide a GE Mark VIe operators and maintenance training session in April 2020. Due to state mandated social distancing guidelines and travel restrictions, the planned in-person training needed to shift to an alternative arrangement that would still effectively train the customer’s personnel. As an important compressor station for the Oil and Gas industry this customer requires highly competent personnel to ensure safe and optimum operation of their assets. Customer was worried that lack of proper training of their site team would jeopardize their operation and safety during the lockdown.

Remote training diagram

Customer’s challenge

Customer needed training but could not bring an instructor to their site due to the present quarantine requirements and the fact that onsite employees were not allowed to leave until the end of their 2-week rotation shift. Customer had to work with restricted personnel at the site who had limited exposure to the new GE Mark VIe platform.

Man doing Nexus Controls live remote training

Nexus Controls solution and added value

The Nexus Controls training team acted immediately to address the situation and dedicated resources to build a solution for providing live remote training with site-specific software customized to meet customer’s training needs.

This training provides maintenance and operator teams with three critical benefits: 

  • Plant or off-site personnel can attend the training in the same class, simultaneously, saving on travel expenses
  • Each participant has access to control a remote training HMI Simulator. As the instructor oversaw all training participants from his office, he was able to provide timely feedback and guidance to participants as they practiced the different workshops.
  • Enhanced class interaction using a mixture of audio and visual tools that involved presentations, hands-on practice and labs through remote training simulators, polling functions, whiteboard and several other features that enhance collaboration between the instructor and students.

With the proper preparation, teamwork, and attention to customer’s needs, the training team successfully delivered the first live remote five-day class. Customer appreciated the high-quality training in their survey comments.

Customer Feedback:

“Watching the instructor performing the task right next to my viewing screen helped extremely well.”

“This was by far the most effective training I have ever received. The virtual simulators were very easy to use and brought forth an unprecedented level of course engagement.”

The Course covered all what was said it would at a steady pace. Certainly would recommend it to other people. It was like having the instructor here at your Facility

Author(s): Juan Roman 

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