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Dig into the future of mining, steel and metals production

Mining is an indispensable part of the global economy and makes modern life possible. Everything from the titanium and aluminum that allows an airplane to be both lightweight and incredibly strong, to the fuels for nuclear and fossil-fired power plants, to the copper in the wires that make up our communications infrastructure—all of these and many more find their origins in mining. It is even responsible for an increasingly important share of our petroleum needs thanks to tar sands mining and extraction technologies.

Steel and other metals production have a major influence on our lives; the vehicles we drive, the buildings we work in, the bridges we travel over, and the planes we fly along with countless other applications globally. Steel and metal are a core part of society and producing the various products requires reliable and efficient operations to be competitive in the global marketplace. 

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Today, the demand and corresponding prices for the raw materials we remove from the ground are at all-time highs, meaning mining operators can sell everything they can produce at premium prices. Capacity has become more essential than ever before. Consequently, a mining operation’s reliance upon its machinery has never been more important. Downtime is more expensive. Uptime is more valuable. Operators need to know if they can push machinery to its design capacity and beyond while remaining safe and maximizing the balance between useful life and capacity. And, as always, operators need to remain safe—for their families, for their communities, and for the environment.

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Asset Health, Protection and Condition Monitoring for Mining

With 60+ years of Bently Nevada condition monitoring expertise, gained from having more than eight million permanently installed transducers and monitoring channels.

Asset Health, Protection and Condition Monitoring for Steel and Metals Production

Our 60+ years of machinery condition monitoring expertise has taught us an immeasurable amount around asset and process health. A Bently Nevada partnership can provide a safer and more productive future across a single facility or enterprise-wide. 

Panametrics Flow, Oxygen, Hydrogen and Moisture solutions for Steel Production

Explore Panametrics’ latest technologies that can help the Steel Industry in a series of on-going challenges to optimize and manage the operations.

Automation, Controls and Cybersecurity for Mining, Steel and Metals Production

By Nexus Controls

Nexus Controls LLC (formerly GE Energy Controls Solutions) has deep expertise in integrating systems, interfacing with machines, and centralizing islands of information unique to our customers’ sites while we help them to protect their data, controls and automated machine assets with defense in depth cyber security solutions. Nexus Controls exists as the collective experience and history of multiple companies whose expertise, knowledge and lineage spans 150 years.

Changing the Mining Industry With Connected Technology

  • Intelligent Machines: Advanced technology and sensors capture valuable data from your machines in real time and offer critical asset protection in the event of failure.
  • Advanced Analytics: Software with embedded knowledge connects your data to offer the analytics and insights you need for better decision-making.
  • People at Work: Flexible, easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces allow for easier training and greater labor productivity in your operations.
The Potential of Big Data
Of data is generated per minute across the industry from drills, trucks, processing plants and other equipment.
Of data from mining equipment is utilized. Even with such vast amounts of data being collected, its potential to provide useful insights is largely unrealized.
Less productive compared to a decade ago. Global productivity has declined 3.5 percent each year, emphasizing the need for this industry to become more efficient.