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Our Brands

Baker Hughes Digital Solutions consists of 19 product lines, including 6 unique brands that provide distinct expertise to their customers' applications.

Gas Turbine (9)-RT-091219

Setting the global standard for non-destructive testing.

davanti digital-RT-091319

A pioneer in condition monitoring and asset protection.

LNG stock

Global pressure measurement experts.

DS Home

Your partner to control, secure, empower, monitor, and protect industrial operations.

refineries and petrochemical plants_iStock

A leader in flare, flow, gas & moisture measurement.

offshore drilling platform

A leader for 50+ years in radiation measurement and downhole solutions.

We make the invisible, visible

Edge Devices

Edge Devices

Our edge devices provide state-of-the-art intelligence to capture data in real-time. We can enhance your digital transformation with high-level interconnectivity - whether through LAN or WAN - and process data to share information quickly. Our sensors and devices can be centralized or decentralized, on the cloud or on-premises, all customized for you.

Explore our edge device brands below.

Integrated connectivity

Integrated connectivity

Our digitally-enabled hardware and software portfolio can significantly help increase your productivity, safety and profitability. Through integrated solutions, we can transform data into insights, giving you peace of mind that your operations will run faster and safer each day.

Our software solutions include System 1 for condition monitoring, and SecurityST for cybersecurity.

Lowering your carbon footprint

Lowering your carbon footprint

Digital Solutions is committed to partnering with customers to help reduce emissions and advance low-carbon technologies. As part of Baker Hughes' commitment to a lower-carbon world, we offer a portfolio of solutions designed to help you lower your carbon footprint and drive meaningful change for your operations.

Driving Outcomes in 20+ industries

Driving outcomes for 20+ industries

Digital Solutions has deep domain expertise in oil & gas, power generation, renewable energy, automotive, electronics, aviation and many other industries. We bring 120+ years of combined knowledge into every solution we deliver.

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