OEM Pressure Measurement Solutions

Efficient asset operation offers peace of mind

Partnering with Druck, a Baker Hughes business, offers our OEM customers local expertise. Druck’s in-country Field Application Engineers provide expert support and capture customer requirements for our Product Development Centres (PDC) to sample, design and manufacture customized sensors. Our engineers can invite customers to view the application of pressure sensors first-hand or be welcomed at our PDCs to be directly involved in the design and development of their product. Our dedicated team is available through each step of the product’s development. 

A partnership with Druck offers access to a team of experts in their fields who are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers.


Technology + Innovation

Since 1972, Druck has applied technological innovation, expertise and a focus on customers’ applications.

Our sensor technology has been developed to support some of the most rigorous, challenging and precise applications while providing accurate and reliable data/

Expertise + Partnership

Druck is passionate about delighting customers.

A partnership with Druck is more than a customized product.

Customizable or off-the-shelf pressure sensors

The combination of our technical heritage, innovation and global reach enables Druck to create solutions to fit any customer’s needs. With our proven track record in industry, we know what matters when developing pressure sensor solutions to suit the needs of our OEM customers.  For many years we have designed new platforms using common component parts to allow interchangeability. This allows customization while maintaining short turnaround time to design and build bespoke configurations.

Wide range of industries and applications

If you have an inquiry for your industry and application, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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