Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe™ - HD Videoscope
Experience the power of 3D HD Video Borescope inspection

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Experience truly reliable remote visual inspections for the first time using the Mentor Visual iQ video borescope. The world’s first ruggedly portable, HD and 3D measurement-enabled videoscope system powers unparalleled advanced detection and in-the-moment collaborative decision making thanks to Bluetooth and WiFi-enablement.

This versatile borescope inspection tool offers a wide selection of interchangeable probes and platform configurations to enable thorough visual inspections and improve the Probability of Detection (POD) for high-value rotating equipment. A 200% brighter remote touchscreen controller and improved viewing angle range help detect even the smallest hidden faults.

All of this adds up to the most versatile, reliable and comprehensive video borescope protection available for your toughest industrial inspection challenges.

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