Industrial X-Ray CT for NDT & Metrology Scanners
High precision, high throughput, 3D Industrial CT solutions

Enhancing safety, quality and efficiency with nondestructive, high-speed, 3D industrial computed tomography (CT) solutions

Across industries such as aviation, automotive, electronics, additive and industrial manufacturing, our nondestructive 3D metrology is enabling high-speed 3D process control to ensure greater safety, quality and efficiency.

Solutions in industrial computed tomography (CT) scanning meet a broad range of requirements including:

→ Small parts with the highest detail detectability in the submicron range
→ Larger, higher-absorbing samples such as metal castings (cylinder heads or aviation fan blades)
→ Systems for maximized inspection flexibility in research
→ Production-based inline and atline CT for high volume parts such as light metal castings

The results? Greater safety, higher quality and improved efficiency.


→ Fast, accurate and precise solutions create reproduce-able 3D product information and reduce inspection times from hours to minutes (i.e., from 60 minutes to 1.5 minutes).
→ Artifact-free precision increases sensor sensitivity, doubling CT speed/resolution.
→ Fully automated workflows help lower operational costs. 

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