Radiographic Testing & CT Solutions
High precision, high throughput, industrial computed tomography solutions by Waygate Technologies

Industrial X-Ray & CT Scanners

Enhancing safety, quality and efficiency with nondestructive, high-speed, 2D and 3D industrial computed tomography (CT) solutions

Waygate Technologies, a Baker Hughes business, provides 2D and 3D computed tomography (CT) services across industries that include aviation, automotive, electronics, additive and industrial manufacturing.  Our nondestructive 3D metrology is enabling high-speed 3D process control to ensure greater safety, quality, and efficiency.

Our Industrial computed tomography (CT) scanning solutions meet a broad range of requirements, including:

  • Small parts with the highest detail detectability in the submicron range
  • Larger, higher-absorbing samples such as metal castings (cylinder heads or aviation fan blades)
  • Systems for maximized inspection flexibility in research
  • Production-based inline and at-line CT for high volume parts such as light metal castings

The results? Greater safety, higher quality, and improved efficiency.


  • Fast, accurate and precise solutions create reproduce-able 3D product information and reduce inspection times from hours to minutes (i.e., from 60 minutes to 1.5 minutes).
  • Artifact-free precision increases sensor sensitivity, doubling CT speed/resolution.
  • Fully automated workflows help lower operational costs.

We used to be GE Inspection Technologies, now we’re Waygate Technologies, a global leader in NDT solutions with more than 125 years of experience in ensuring quality, safety and productivity.

Metrology 2.0: A new era in reliable precision measurement

Precision and accuracy play an eminent role within any production process like light metal castings, plastics injection molding, additive manufacturing and final assembly.

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Industrial X-Ray & Computed Tomography Solutions

X-Ray and CT Systems & Detectors

Waygate Technologies, a Baker Hughes business, provides 2D and 3D computed tomography (CT) services across industries that include aviation, automotive, electronics, additive and industrial manufacturing.  Our nondestructive 3D metrology is enabling high-speed 3D process control to ensure greater safety, quality, and efficiency.

Phoenix X-Ray - Advanced 2D & 3D CT Solutions

Phoenix X-Ray - Advanced 2D & 3D CT Scanners and Systems

Phoenix X-Ray is Waygate Technologies' product line combining 3 advanced industrial radiography and CT systems solutions for an extremely wide range of inspection applications. The Phoenix line advanced X-Ray and CT solutions include: 

  • High Speed CT Scanners and Detector Systems
  • MicroCT Scanners
  • NanoCT Scanners
  • Mini Focus Computed Tomography Systems
  • Micro Focus Computed Tomography Systems
  • 3D Metrology Scanners


Electronics Testing Solutions

Waygate Technologies family of high-performance industrial x-ray inspection machines and intuitive software tools introduce a new industry standard for efficient, reliable and non-destructive testing (NDT) live inspections. Extreme high positioning accuracy make our systems the effective and reliable solution for a wide spectrum of 2D and 3D offline inspection tasks: R&D, failure analysis, process and quality control. 

Global Industrial X-Ray 2D and 3D CT Scanning Services

At our global Customer Solutions Centers (CSC), we provide you on-demand use of our proven, state-of-the-art, non-destructive X-ray 2D and 3D Computed Tomography (CT) scanning inspection technologies and access to our staff of experienced experts. You can access the most reliable industrial CT scanning and industrial radiography services for plastics, composites, castings, additively manufactured parts, ceramics, electronics, batteries and more. 

X-Ray and CT Inspection Innovations

Industrial X-Ray and CT Inspection Innovations

Waygate Technologies, formerly known as GE Inspection Technologies, is an industry leader in advanced Industrial Radiography and CT scanning solutions. Explore cutting edge innovations like planarCT, scatter|correct, speed|ADR and more.


Industrial X-Ray and CT Solutions Interview with Baker Hughes

 In this podcast, ARC Vice President Craig Resnick interviews two leaders from Waygate Technologies, a Baker Hughes Business: Dr. Oliver Brunke, Product Management Team Leader; and  Dr. Holger Roth, Senior Training Manager, to discuss Industrial X-Ray and Computed Tomography (CT) solutions.

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