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Inspection Technologies
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Inspection Technologies

Inspection Technologies

We often take safety for granted. However, every time an airplane lands safely, your car performs reliably, or your mobile phone works flawlessly, it is because manufacturing engineers are obsessed about electronic component quality to ensure our collective safety.

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is required to fully inspect and ensure component quality and, in turn, create safe airplanes, cars, and mobile phones. Baker Hughes Inspection Technologies’ deep expertise in world-class non-destructive testing solutions are used in major industries such as Aviation, Automotive, Electronics, Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing). Some of the world’s leading industrial manufacturers rely on our offerings to scrutinize their products and ensure their integrity before they go to market. 

Our inspection technology systems include hardware, software and services in radiography, computed tomography (CT), remote visual inspection, ultrasound, and electromagnetic testing. Innovative data collection technology and software solutions enable remote collaboration and sharing of inspection data with colleagues and customers around the world.

Today, Inspection Technologies is part of Baker Hughes, and continues its legacy of technology innovation and delivering better solutions for customers.

Inspection Technologies offerings:

Product Portfolio

Inspection Technologies offers radiographic, ultrasonic, electromagnetic and remote visual inspection hardware, software and services. Applications include weld inspection, corrosion inspection, composites inspection, rotating equipment inspection, heat exchangers inspection and electronics inspection such as semiconductors, printed circuit board assemblies, lithium-ion batteries, additive manufactured parts,

Our NDT testing and inspection expertise is delivered where it is needed, when it is needed and enables smarter decisions, safer products, efficient operations and profit protection.

→ Automated UT Systems

→ Radiography & CT

→ Eddy Current

→ Remote Visual Inspection

→ Ultrasound Portables

Industries Served

A breadth of industries and market leaders utilize our technology to improve safety, operations and profits:

Aerospace. Testing high-tech materials to ensure turbine and aircraft body safety

Automotive. Improving inspection efficiency from chassis to body and sensors to castings

Electronics. Guaranteeing battery, semiconductor and solder joint reliability

Oil & Gas. Maintaining pipeline and refinery assets safety

Power Generation. Maximizing growth of clean, green energy

Additive Manufacturing. Ensuring safe 3D printing processes and products

Services Offering and After-Sales Support

Inspection Technologies is committed to Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) technology and support that empowers you with expertise and guidance every step of the way.  Having the tools to succeed is important and having a partner to help you get there can make all the difference. Our qualified industry experts help you optimize your solution to achieve accuracy, safety and efficiency.

Our Services Solutions include:
→ Rental Programs
→ Part Inspection and Reporting
→ Customer Scanning
→ Customer Solution Centers
→ Onsite Inspection Services (AIS)           

After-Sales Support includes on-demand agreements and long-term agreements with:
→ Training
→ Remote Services
→ Spare Parts
→ In-house Repair and Calibration

Contact us for detailed information about our Services Solutions and After-Sales Support

Visit the Inspection Academy portal to learn more about our training offerings

News & Events

Meet us at the upcoming events:

→ MAKS 2019August 27 - September 1, Zhukovsky, Russia (Booth #F3-B10)

 Husum Wind: 10 - 13 September, 2019 - Husum, Germany (Booth #1D20)

  95. Fachkonferenz zur Ultraschallprüfung in Hürth 1. + 2. Oktober 2019

Productronica: 12 - 15 November in Munich, Germany

 ASNT Annual Conference 2019November 18 - 21, 2019 - Las Vegas, USA (Booth #1127)


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→ Interview with Aru Anbarasu, X-Ray & CT Product Line Leader and Dr. Oliver Brunke, Senior CT Product Manager, at Control 2019"From lab to production" and how GE  Inspection Technologies brings innovation to work.

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Redefining Automation for Industrial Volumetric Computed Tomography (VCT) Applications

Industrial environments consist of multiple processes that must interact with humans and automation. Volumetric Computed Tomography (VCT) is a crucial component to the overall success of many of the industrial inspection routines. BHGE Inspection Technologies, GE Aviation – Asheville, and Capriol have worked collaboratively together to bring this technology into reality. Along with Mobile Machine Tending (MMT) and collaborative robots, this allows for a much more productive environment to meet customer demand. A world class example of pushing the limits of lean manufacturing.

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