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Baker Hughes Additive Manufacturing

A complete AM value chain including commercial ecosystem for on-demand parts and services

Reaching full operational potential and solving complex problems requires an infrastructure that’s designed to support innovation. Baker Hughes Additive Manufacturing leverages our broad engineering framework and digital resources to provide an advanced worldwide AM ecosystem, across all industries, allowing you to:

  • Fully optimize assets to create more efficient parts, faster
  • Replace broken or discontinued parts in a matter of days or weeks
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for physical inventory
  • Streamline operational processes and costs
  • Gain worldwide access to an AM infrastructure        

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Additive Manufacturing Emergency Services Spare Parts

Emergency Services

Rapid response 3D printing and reverse engineering

By reverse engineering broken or discontinued parts at our closest qualified vendor site, our rapid response service is able to:

  • Alleviate long lead times and unforeseen downtime
  • Optimize replacement parts with advanced new design features
Formyst- generative design custom part modification

Generative design

Custom part modification

Integrating complex shapes with an array of materials enables the creation of products with unique design features. Our advanced engineering knowledge and limitless generative design capabilities enable us to define and develop the most optimal solution for improving the efficiency of your parts, thereby increasing reliability for the entirety of your assets.

Formyst- Digital inventory spare parts on demand

Digital inventory

Spare parts on demand

Powered by advanced data technology and years of AM experience, Baker Hughes has created a modernized digital inventory platform with proprietary machine learning algorithms that categorize your inventory and identify spare parts suitable for AM and further digitalization, allowing you to:

  • Condense physical inventory
  • Reduce unnecessary overhead
  • Gain access to a streamlined supply chain
Formyst-Local vendor training and qualification


Local vendor training and qualification

In order to adequately expand accessibility to regional markets, we’ve introduced a systematic process that improves production lead times, helping local vendors:

  • Obtain and install the industry-leading 3D printers
  • Operate an AM ecosystem at the Baker Hughes Additive Manufacturing standards
  • Become skilled in emerging and cutting-edge technologies
Formyst Marketplace Background

How reverse-engineering reduced a 120-day lead time into a six-week turnaround for part…

Process-pump impeller
Formyst Marketplace Background

When our drilling-services team ran into an issue with a supplier, we created a replacement part…

Drilling valve-seat carrier
Formyst Marketplace Background

With multiple failure modes and a poor reliability record, we redesigned this buffer tube in 2016…

Formation-testing buffer tube
Formyst Marketplace Background

To increase operational efficiency, we completely redesigned the stainless-steel solenoid bodies…

Aptara™ subsea solenoid body
Turbomachinery and Process Solutions

Turbomachinery & Process Solutions

Dedicated to maximizing operational performance across all industries, our Turbomachinery & Process Solutions team is constantly at the forefront of innovation, and faced with new challenges from their customers. When they integrated a worldwide AM ecosystem with their existing technologies, they were able to provide a broad range of superior parts and optimized solutions in a fraction of the time, all while allowing customers across the world to:

  • Exceed operational performance needs and solve challenges
  • Create more efficient and durable parts, faster
  • Carry less on-hand inventory, and store spare parts in a digitized format
Waygate Technologies person with gloves

Waygate Technologies: Industrial and Additive Manufacturing Inspection Solutions

Bring plant-wide assurance and optimization to your current and future assets through the industry-leading NDT inspection services of Waygate Technologies. Our industrial and advanced CT systems allow for in-depth quality control on your most complex systems, and volumetric data sets to enhance AM design and production — so you can detect what can’t be seen, and create what couldn’t priorly be imagined.

Formyst Marketplace
The Formyst Marketplace works to give customers, OEM’s, and distributors access to a secure, and efficient AM ecosystem, to completely streamline all aspects of operation — including asset efficiency, management expenses, and design capabilities. This creates a lean and fast environment, and gives access to multi-industry expertise and resources that empower endless possibilities to innovate.

At Baker Hughes, we know additive manufacturing because we use additive manufacturing. As the world’s digital leader for delivering high-quality, cutting-edge solutions across every industry and sector, we combine our additive manufacturing expertise with the relentless innovation of our broad portfolio of services. With that kind of power on hand, you have unlimited access to endless possibilities.

Interested in seeing how the capabilities we’ve presented at FormNext might fit into your company's future? We invite you to speak to one of our representatives to learn more about how our AM capabilities and solutions might be right for your business or application.