Portable Vibration Analyzer and Data Collector

SCOUT 100 & 200; vb Series

The SCOUT100 and vbSeries portable vibration analyzer instruments are built to robust professional standards making them the first choice in vibration analysis and data collection for leading companies worldwide.

Featuring powerful condition monitoring software, the instrument range varies in features and price, enabling users to select the model with their requirements.

Backed by our 50+ years of industry leading experience, the SCOUT200 Series represents the next generation of smarter portable data collectors and is fully supported by System 1 diagnostic software.

The SCOUT200 vibration analyzers integrate with the suite of portable vibration products that enable analysis from a suite of condition monitoring and protection devices in a single software solution.

The data collector works in tandem with the System 1 Collector app that runs on an industrial smartphone or hand held tablet. Users can collect vibration data, take photos, and make phone calls, all on one device.

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Scout 100 & 200 Product Overview