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Our global team of experienced field engineers provides a comprehensive range of machinery diagnostic services (MDS) for rotating and reciprocating machinery as well as fixed asset types—regardless of original equipment manufacturer.

    From a single engineer in 1972, our MDS capabilities have grown to encompass a team of ~150 dedicated professionals today, many with decades of experience. We have completed more than 18,000 machinery diagnostic projects and the results are maintained in an extensive archive so that lessons learned on one project benefit other projects where similar machinery problems are encountered. Our sophisticated IT capabilities allow MDS colleagues from around the world to easily collaborate in real time using this archive and their collective areas of expertise. This ensures that our extensive knowledge and broad experience can be brought to bear on each problem, regardless of where the machinery is located.

      MDS 4 Blocker

      Capabilities include:

      • Rotating and reciprocating machinery diagnostics
      • Startup and turnaround assistance
      • Condition monitoring system optimization
      • Field and shop rotor balancing
      • Rotordynamic modeling
      • Machinery failure analysis
      • Structural analysis (modal impact and operation deflection shape analysis)
      • Specification consulting
      • Torsional vibration measurement and analysis
      • Motion amplification
      • Magnetic bearings vibration analysis
      • Electrical machinery diagnostics
      • Diagnostics training
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