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Bently Nevada services offer complete lifecycle support coverage from initial design, commissioning, and integration with your operating processes, through the operational life of the facility to upgrades, replacements, and retrofits enabling you to get the most out of your investment.  Our service offerings are carefully developed to ensure you realize the maximum benefits our solutions have on your operation. With more than 500 service professionals in over 50 countries, we have the global reach and local presence to be there with expert support when and where you need us. 

Our service offerings are designed to cover all phases of your operation and ensure a complete range of product, application, and asset health support. From time critical reactive support to tailor-made solution packages our service professionals are standing by and committed to meeting your specific needs.

  • Pre-Commissioning Installation
  • Commissioning & Startup
  • Operational Support
  • Outage & Maintenance Planning
  • Outage Execution
  • Post-Outage Restart

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Questions? Our team has answers.  

For all of your technical questions, we offer support and help.

Customers are our passion: over 225K problems turned into success stories.
Real-Time Diagnosis
Turn unplanned outages into planned, manageable ones.
Remote data analytics versus visual inspection eliminated wasted downtime and negated a $1MM machine trip.
Avoid Costly Misdiagnosis
With an SSA From Bently Nevada, you can count on accurate machine diagnoses that get it right the first time.
The total number of years of experience our MDS professionals bring to your organization.

The Services and Training Your Company Needs

Implementation Services

Whether it be enhancing existing installations, retrofits, upgrades, or commissioning new systems - our expert services ensure your system is installed, configured, calibrated, and optimized to meet your specific needs. Let our decades of industry experience in remote monitoring services help you locate where you can maximize your asset’s ROI while protecting it today and extending its life long into the future.

Get it right the 1st time:

  • Ensure your assets are protected and monitored when you’re ready to startup
  • Avoid costly delays and rework
  • One source to design, plan, manage and execute the installation
  • Avoid startup trips due to improper installation & configuration


Up to $1M/day - Avoided cost from lost production & secondary process & equipment damage thanks to Implementation Services from Bently Nevada

Proactive Support

Our Proactive Supporting Service offerings and programs are designed to ensure your system is healthy, available, secure and optimized.  Support, when a critical failure occurs, is great – a given really, but avoiding the critical failure altogether is even better. From technical support and troubleshooting to fully-managed supporting services covering probe tip to machinery health reports and everything in between, we make sure your machinery investments return a maximum ROI while potentially saving you millions in avoidable downtime. Let Bently Nevada help you get proactive in your asset health and management strategies.

Keep your system healthy and optimized:

  • Prevent instrumentation-related false trips
  • Prevent and minimize potential data loss events
  • Keep up to date and compliant with the best technologies available
  • Access the expert support you need when you need it most


> 90% - Typical reduction in non-actionable alarms and events


Asset Health & Consulting

For over 50 years our MDS team has provided accurate, unbiased expertise on rotating and reciprocating machinery, regardless of the original equipment manufacturer. Building on the foundation of our MDS heritage along with our industry-leading technologies, we offer a complete range of asset health and consulting services to ensure you have the machinery condition knowledge you need to make the best, actionable operating decisions. When you have an idea of the course of action needed – but require actionable, accurate and timely data to inform your decisions – turn to Bently Nevada Asset Health & Consulting Services.

Actionable insights you can trust:

  • Understand your asset health to optimize outage and maintenance planning
  • Plug in to our global network of machinery experts with remote monitoring
  • Professional OEM agnostic machinery diagnostics when and where you need it
  • Custom analytic development and tuning to pinpoint specific conditions


5 - 10x Cost reduction for well-planned maintenance outage vs unplanned reactive outage

Cyber Security

Security of your critical processes and operations is a top priority for our asset protection and monitoring solutions.  Today it’s necessary to ensure these systems are securely designed, deployed and implemented using industry-standard processes and methodologies while being proactively monitored, maintained and updated throughout their lifetime.  We offer deep domain knowledge and expertise that can fully support your individual IT needs and the communication and interface requirements for your specific installation. When complete, system-wide cyber protection is what you require, Bently Nevada’s Cyber Security Service delivers.

Stay ahead of evolving cyber threats:

  • Ensure your system is up to date and protected as threats continually evolve
  • Identify and mitigate cybersecurity risks to your operation
  • Keep your system both secure and accessible with advanced security technologies and architectures leveraging data diodes and database replication


243 days - Average time before detection that a system is compromised

Training & Education

With more than 40 years of technical training experience, we have pioneered the art of long-term skill development. Bently Nevada product training is conducted by our core group of instructors and experienced field engineers to provide a world-class training experience.  Our comprehensive training offerings not only cover operating and maintenance of our products and solutions - but also a broad range of asset health and monitoring expertise and how to proactively manage assets through a combination of technology, people, and processes. Bently Nevada’s Training & Education offerings can help keep your people up and running alongside your machinery.

Critical skills that amplify your machinery management capabilities:

  • Enable your personnel to operate & maintain your monitoring & protection system
  • Enable your operation to maximize the value of your system leveraging expert product and application training and knowledge


400+ The number of customer training sessions delivered each year

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