Trendmaster pro online condition monitoring system

Trendmaster Pro Online Condition Monitoring System


Trendmaster Pro is an innovative online condition monitoring system that links hundreds of permanently mounted transducers and measurement points to a single-cable sensor network. It then transmits full waveform & spectrum data to our System 1 software, with its intuitive interface for tracking, alerting & analyzing your machinery behavior. 

This monitoring system is optimized for cost-effective monitoring of machines of intermediate criticality, i.e. machines that don't demand immediate shut-down protection, but for which monthly portables-based monitoring would be insufficient. A highlight of this system is its suitability for use in the most hazardous environments (i.e. explosive gases).

A wide range of sensor types are supported, including vibration (Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement), temperature (RTD & K thermocouple), Pressure, Process Variables (20mA, 5V), Rack Buffered outputs. Each Transducer Interface Module provides 2 channels of measurement.

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