System 1 Condition Monitoring Software

Plantwide Machine Health Monitoring and Asset Protection System

Why Condition Monitoring?

The success of any process-intensive industry relies heavily on the proper care and management of the machinery powering the work. Unplanned outages or inefficient maintenance routines can reduce productivity and eat away at your profits. 

At Bently Nevada†, we understand the challenges our customers face. Our System 1 Condition Monitoring software has been designed as an all-in-one answer to even your most difficult machine asset management and health monitoring challenges. Building on the strategic pillars of Connectivity, Analytics, and Visualization the System 1 platform provides the plantwide critical asset monitoring data and analytics solutions you need to keep your plant running smoothly and avoid unwanted downtime.

System 1’s connected platform gathers and stores important machine health data across your entire enterprise in one central location, for real-time analysis, diagnosis and preventative condition-based maintenance planning. Make data-informed decisions and achieve true operational intelligence with System 1.


Explore System 1's advanced rule-building and data-mapping feature, Decision Support


Learn More How System 1 creates a holistic plantwide machine asset health solution

System 1 Use Case: Turbomachinery Monitoring

Today, the focus of many of our customers is on the total management of their production assets.

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System 1 Plantwide

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Go System-Wide With System 1
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Plantwide Monitoring with Clarity and Context

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System 1

System 1’s comprehensive capabilities - An asset condition monitoring solution for nearly every industry.

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System 1, a powerful condition monitoring platform enabling industrial digital connectivity

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Plantwide Machine Condition Monitoring

So you stay focused on what matters

System 1 Plantwide

System 1 Enterprise Insight provides a secure and unified fleet view of machines in an easy to access web-based…

Fleet Management
Turbomachinery Image

System 1 merges Bently Nevada’s best-in-class toolset for evaluating turbomachinery health 

Turbo Machinery Monitoring
Recip Compressor Image

System 1’s reciprocating compressor solution is built on Bently's strong legacy with best in class&nbsp…

Recip Compressor Monitoring
Scout and Ranger Pro

System 1 combines data from Bently's suite of Condition Monitoring Devices (Ranger Pro, SCOUT) in a single…

General Machine Monitoring
Diagnostic HMI

System 1 combines vibration, process, and control system data with a rich set of HMI visualization and diagnostic…

Diagnostic HMI
Performance Monitoring Plots

System 1 visually compares actual & expected machine behavior for early detection of degradation 

Performance Monitoring
Emissions Icon

System 1’s Predictive Emissions Monitoring allows efficient gathering of emissions data for internal &…

Emissions Monitoring
Gearbox Image

System 1’s built-in gearbox model allows you to build a digital twin of your complex production asset.

Complex Gear Monitoring
Heat Exchanger Image

System 1 enables you to combine heat exchanger, static, & auxiliary data sources with your rotating assets.

Fixed Equipment Monitoring
Case Management

System 1 Case Management allows easy sharing of asset health insights with key stakeholders.

Case Management
System 1 is Plantwide

Bently Nevada's System 1 enables true plantwide condition monitoring

System 1: Truly Plantwide

System 1 Platform Pillars

Machine Monitoring and Protection Equipment

System 1 provides seamless integration with a variety of industry-leading machinery monitoring and protection hardware, vibration sensors and sensor platforms. When integrated with System 1, these devices allow reliability engineers real-time access to the machine asset health data they need to improve plant productivity and machine reliability. A few of these devices from Bently Nevada and Baker Hughes are highlighted below:

Orbit 60 Series - Machinery Protection and Condition Monitoring Device

3500 - Machinery Protection and Condition Monitoring Device

vbOnline Pro - Scanning Condition Monitoring Device

Ranger Pro - Wireless Condition Monitoring Device

SCOUT - Portable Condition Monitoring Device


Remote Services

Support to Help you Meet Your Operational Goals

Bently Nevada Maintenance & Support Agreements

Bently Nevada's Maintenance and Support Agreements help you get maximum value from your condition monitoring investment

From Basic Support to Premier, choose the plan that works best for you:

  • Software Updates
  • Technical Support
  • License & Entitlement
  • Training

Bently Nevada Cyber Asset Protection

Bently Nevada's Cyber Asset Protection (CAP) subscription for System 1 provides customers with cyber security best practices for patching and defending System 1 Servers and Clients using patch management and antivirus/host intrusion protection. CAP includes tested, documented, scripted and securely delivered Windows® and antivirus patches on a monthly basis for System1 Servers and Clients saving time and providing additional cyber security threat management capabilities. CAP is supplied under a Premier level M&S Agreement or as a standalone option.

Bently HOST

Bently HOST provides the solution you need to add advanced condition monitoring to your facility without the high cost of software infrastructure and onsite experts

Everything you need from a condition monitoring program at a lower cost of ownership:

  • Software and hardware hosting
  • Cyber Asset Management and Protection (health monitoring, backup, updates, anti-virus, patches)
  • Remote support
  • Remote system health check
  • Ensure condition monitoring system is healthy
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Industry Applications

System 1 was specifically designed to provide class-leading asset protection and condition monitoring for the following industries:

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