​Condition Monitoring technology can reduce maintenance costs by 15% and and saves 90% for each additional up-tower component replacement versus down-tower

Wind farm owner/operators seek to achieve the maximum availability and power generation from their wind farms, while minimizing maintenance costs. Bently Nevada’s objective is to provide customers with the insight and foresight to be able to identify issues and trends and convert this into actionable information. Enabling customers to transition from traditional time-based maintenance activities to more proactive-performance based maintenance will significantly reduce asset risk and escalating Operations and Maintenance (O&M) costs.

The primary purpose of implementing an online Condition Monitoring System (CMS) solution in a wind turbine is to provide early detection of issues, to identify trends, and to ultimately mitigate the risk of catastrophic failures.

Wind turbines are complex machines based on a drive train containing several critical components. By their very nature, they often operate in hostile environments being subject to significant variable environmental factors, such as heat, icing, and aerodynamic and mechanical forces. Nacelles which house the drive train often weigh in excess of 60 tons and are elevated over 100 m above ground level (AGL). Many of the drive train components (main bearing, gearbox and generator) are susceptible to various known failure modes. Undertaking up-tower condition based proactive maintenance substantially reduces avoidable down-tower repairs.

Bently Nevada’s primary focus and current capability is providing solutions that provide early detection of deterioration and potential failure within the drive train. This is achieved with sophisticated vibration measurement technology that detects, alarms and notifies operators on changes of state.

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