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Everything today is moving at rapid speed. Demand for innovation seems to be the only constant, and challenges must be solved quickly to keep up in competitive markets. Additive manufacturing offers industry more flexibility than its ever had to try new ideas, materials, methods and designs. Though understanding the integrity of every part produced can’t be compromised.

Rapid optimization of powder-based processing techniques can also yield unknown issues like cracks and minute defects, which left undetected can have a significant impact on the characteristics of resulting material in parts.

From analyzing powder characteristics to control particle size, shape, flow rate, tap density, porosity and surface area to ensuring the design integrity of assembled prototypes, our world-class non-destructive testing solutions can quickly reveal vulnerabilities to help you optimize designs and move forward confidently.


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Our world-class Computed Tomography (CT) solutions are capable of measuring and assessing each additive manufacturing component inside and out at rapid speeds to give you peace of mind and boost your bottom line.

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