Be prepared for ever-changing conditions

The nature of operating wind farms means your turbines are at the mercy of the wind, which can cause high levels of stress on your turbines and result in early failure of key drivetrain components. A system-wide condition monitoring program is the key to turning unplanned downtime into scheduled maintenance while saving you in unscheduled maintenance and repair costs.

Key benefits of a preventative O&M strategy

Proactive monitoring of turbine components identifies component damage or wear before failure occurs, thus avoiding down-tower component replacements while reducing costs associated with replacement parts and the use of cranes.

Run-to-failure versus condition monitoring

Through proactive condition monitoring, you can de-escalate maintenance and repair costs. Versus run-to-failure, you can realize savings up to 95% for gearboxes and 93% for bearings when you deploy a system-wide condition monitoring program from Bently Nevada. 

Real savings

Thanks to early detection, increased availability, reduced crane use, and improved reliability, Bently Nevada wind customers have reported annual savings of $4000 to $6000 per turbine. By leveraging insights from our condition monitoring technology and services, turbine operators can reduce overall maintenance costs by 15% and save as much as 90% per instance through the avoidance of major component exchanges.


Wind Condition Monitoring

How comprehensive condition monitoring systems improve viability of wind turbine operations

Condition monitoring systems–when done right—are transforming the future of wind power and our world by increasing the viability of wind as a clean, green energy alternative. Our goal is to catalyze knowledge sharing so we can journey together toward a stronger future.

Effective condition monitoring begins with the right sensors and data acquisition hardware and ends with the right analytics, visualization software, and vibration analyst expertise. Integration of these components creates a comprehensive condition monitoring solution.Understanding and optimizing wind operations is good for our collective future. 

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Solutions for maintaining your wind farm machinery

Bently Nevada Sensors

Wind farm operators know that planetary/helical failures contribute to as much as 30% of a wind farm's operating and maintenance costs. So monitoring your turbines essential components is key to peak operational performance. At Bently Nevada, we have sensors for all of your wind turbine condition monitoring needs.

VbOnline Pro

Our VbOnline* Pro was designed to monitor the condition of machinery with rolling element bearings and complex gear trains. This plant-wide monitoring system is built to monitor vibrations via a system of 12-channel sampling for powerful continuous up-tower signal processing. The VbOnline* Pro can even differentiate the vibration signals as acceleration, velocity, and more.

System 1

Comprehensive alarm, diagnostic, analytic and reporting capabilities provide a clear picture of turbine health and facilitate maintenance with actionable recommendations. Over 300 static variables are monitored and trended for each wind turbine generator, and high-resolution waveform data are collected for the general, bearing and gear measurements. Familiar navigation and filtering make it easy to access precisely the information you’re looking for.

Service and Support

To ensure your continued success, Bently Nevada offers custom service solutions from 24/7 remote monitoring to on-demand technical support. We’ll work with you to craft a solution that delivers precisely the level of support you need. We offer:


  • Pre-Commissioning Installation
  • Commissioning & Startup
  • Operational Support
  • Outage & Maintenance Planning
  • Outage Execution
  • Post-Outage Restart