Condition Monitoring Solutions for Petroleum Refiners

Your industry has challenges that we can help you overcome

Market conditions are indeed challenging for refineries in the 21st century. Fluctuating crude prices, demand ebbs and flows and changing energy costs cut into profit margins. And compliance with tighter environmental and safety regulations can be both difficult and expensive. At the same time, the opportunity to increase profit by refining poorer grade crudes requires machines to run at higher temperatures, putting greater stress on machines. With so much at stake, your mechanical assets need to run at or even beyond original design condition or capacity, reliably and predictably. Our asset management solutions can help you overcome many of your most critical challenges such as:

  • Reducing maintenance and production costs
  • Complying with environmental and safety regulations
  • Preventing environmental releases
  • Minimizing unplanned outages and downtime
  • Extending the time between and reducing the duration of planned outages 
  • Life Cycle Asset Management - optimizing maintenance and operating costs to maximize the useful life of your production an assets
  • Protecting critical machinery against catastrophic mechanical failures
  • Overcoming the loss of your experienced workforce and often working with a smaller staff
  • Reducing unnecessary maintenance and optimizing planned maintenance based on condition monitoring
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Bently Nevada has built a legacy of helping refineries not just survive, but thrive in changing business environments

For over 60 years, petroleum refiners have relied on Bently Nevada's machinery asset protection and condition monitoring systems to get the job done with utmost safety, efficiency and productivity. We have earned your trust. The Bently Nevada product line supports the most demanding applications in multiple industries. And even as we protect and monitor your machinery, we constantly strive to refine and improve our offerings – and help enable your success. We design and deliver solutions for all your monitoring needs – including sensors, distributed and rack-based monitors, software, and supporting services.

Unlike most other condition monitoring companies who claim to be able to cover everything needed in a plantwide condition monitoring solution, Bently Nevada really can. The solution you need comes down to the following three areas:

Processes: Our comprehensive services help customers assess their goals, identify the reliability gaps in their current operations, and then implement the appropriate corrective actions. 

Tools: Our Bently Nevada product line is world-renowned for unsurpassed quality in rotating and reciprocating machinery condition 
monitoring. Everything needed to address the assets in your plant is available. From wired or wireless sensors to continuous monitoring systems to portable data collectors and analyzers, and, it’s all brought together in a unified platform for asset condition monitoring and diagnostics—Bently Nevada’s System 1† software.

People: Bently Nevada is able to help customers change the way they work by addressing the organizational culture issues that keep companies mired in ineffective processes, helping them transform their businesses and balance sheets. 

Everything You Need to Create a Plantwide Monitoring Solution


With over 8 million sensors currently in use and an installed base that grows every year, our unmatched quality speaks for itself. 

Monitoring Systems

At Bently Nevada, our history in the asset condition monitoring and protection field speaks for itself. With over 60 years of experience, we offer a comprehensive line of machine monitoring systems to keep you running reliably for years to come. 

System 1 Condition Monitoring Software

System 1 Condition Monitoring software has been designed as an all-in-one answer to even your most difficult machine asset management and health monitoring challenges. Built on the strategic platform pillars of ConnectivityAnalytics, and Visualization, System 1 provides the plant-wide asset monitoring data and analytics solutions you need to keep your plant running smoothly and avoid unwanted downtime.

Services and Support

With more than 500 service professionals in over 50 countries, we have the global reach and local presence to be there with expert support when and where you need us. There is good reason why our services team is used by many of the biggest names across industries. Let our services team get you up and running, stay optimized, and achieve your business goals. 

Training and Education

With more than 40 years of technical training experience, we have pioneered the art of long-term skill development. Bently Nevada product training is conducted by our core group of instructors and experienced field engineers to provide a world-class training experience. We can help your teams overcome the culture changes needed in a digitized future. 

Condition Monitoring for Every Asset Type

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Over 50 Years of Compressor Condition Monitoring

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Pumps, Motors and Everything in Between

General Machinery Monitoring
A History of Success for Refineries

NATREF Partners with Bently for Recip Reliability 

NATREF’s Reliability Increased
Vibration Signals

U.K. Refinery uses System 1 & SCOUT to Detect Excess Vibration & Resolve Bearing Issue 

Elevated Acceleration on Motor
Pump Numbers

Bearing Wear on Pump Due To Improper Installation Before Large Production Losses

Bently Saves Customer ~130K a…
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Kuwait Oil's Maintenance Team uses System 1 to avoid unplanned downtime 

Kuwait Oil Relies on Bently…
Centrifugal Compressor

Bently Nevada CM Solution helps diagnose compressor problem & avoid a sudden machinery trip and flaring issues…

Ras Tanura Refinery
Bently Nevada Petronas System 1

Bently Nevada team secures a five-year System 1 M&S Frame Agreement

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