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More flights mean more wear-and-tear on aircraft equipment and a greater need for fast, efficient inspection, maintenance and repairs. The increasing pressure for airlines to keep aircraft off the ground presents a competitive opportunity for providers who can serve them with the highest level of reliability and speed. 

We've developed flexible inspection and sensing solutions that can help you achieve that goal for your customers or help you maintain your own fleet with greater agility and efficiency than ever before. All supported by our team of experts to help you navigate changing regulations.

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Non-destructive Testing

Waygate Technologies

Our world-class non-destructive testing solutions enable the aviation industry to fully inspect and ensure component quality to make the safest airplanes.

Pressure Sensing and Calibration


Pressure calibration and ADTS sensors boost your operational productivity and provide reliable data to inform faster, smarter decisions.

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LNG stock

Global pressure measurement experts.

Gas Turbine (9)-RT-091219

Setting the global standard for non-destructive testing.