Consistent UT inspections with user-friendly Ultrasonic Phased Array Flaw Detector

Ultrasonic Phased Array Flaw Detectors

Mentor UT

The powerful next generation of UT inspections has arrived with the Mentor UT Phased Array Flaw Detector. Take the guesswork out of ultrasonic flaw inspections using the most accurate and intuitive tool on the market today.

The entire UT flaw detector system is housed in a glove-friendly touchscreen tablet that’s as easy to use as a smartphone. Pre-loaded Mentor Create software is fully customizable, allowing for user-defined menus and workflows (apps) for step by step guidance through the inspection process– from calibration to probe location to analysis. Confident and educated users mean that even the most complex inspections are performed consistently every time.

Mentor UT is the first ultrasonic device to easily allow wireless connectivity and live streaming, so inspectors can get real-time second opinions when they need them. That same wireless cloud connectivity enables Mentor UT to remotely generate comprehensive inspection reports on users’ desktops with the click of a button.

User-defined menus can walk technicians through every step of any inspection - from probe selection and calibration, to reporting - ensuring consistency across your inspections, every time, from every inspector. And with the flexibility to load multiple workflows on one device, you can guarantee easy access to the right apps for any inspection

A process that used to be cumbersome and complicated has been made simple thanks to the most comprehensive end-to-end UT solution available.

We used to be GE Inspection Technologies, now we’re Waygate Technologies, a global leader in NDT solutions with more than 125 years of experience in ensuring quality, safety and productivity.

Mentor UT is ideal for any industrial application:
Refinery PALM scanner

With superb mechanical design and quality, our field-proven PALM scanners offer unparalleled ease of use for operators inspecting circumferential butt welds.

Circumferential Butt Welds
Bond Scanner for Glue Line and Seam Inspection

Despite the increasing use of adhesives as a joining technology for automotive body panels, adhesive bonding may not provide 100% process reliability. The Bond Scanner identifies areas with lack of adhesive, as well as misaligned bond lines, and provides a workflow-based, reliable inspection with the Mentor UT.

Bond Scanning
Mentor UT RotoArray phased array ultrasonic inspection device

With performance rivaling that of a full immersion C-scan system, our easy-to-use RotoArray gives you faster, more reliable Scan-images, all with the portability of a handheld probe. Together with the Mentor UT, this phased array inspection device allows rapid scanning of a wide variety of materials and components, making ultrasonic inspections even simpler.

Phased Array Inspection

Increase productivity with our solid axle mechanized testers (SAMT). Designed for front-face inspections of railway axles, this flexible solution delivers the required steering angles to optimally cover the axles's  full lateral service. And combining SAMT with our Mentor UT's multi-group capabilities enables faster, safer and more accurate inspections.

Front-face railway axle inspection

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