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Krautkrämer WheelStar

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Train wheels are one of the most safety critical elements of rolling stock as they are exposed to high stress, particularly due to increasing speeds, loads and distances. Global railroad standards require these assets to be ultrasonically inspected on a regular basis. Rail operators, manufacturers and maintenance facilities are constantly seeking increased productivity and improved quality using nondestructive testing solutions.

Fully automatic inspection of rail wheels

Krautkrämer WheelStar performs the complete inspection without removing the wheelset from the rail car. This provides maximum inspection throughput: The whole inspection cycle only takes 15 minutes per complete wheelset.

The wheelset is lifted and turned during the test by the integrated mechanics. High-end ultrasound signal processing is applied from probes to evaluation. A combination of conventional and phased array transducers ensures ideal adaptation to the inspected areas: WheelStar inspects the tread, face, flange and (straight) web areas of the wheel and visualizes the results in a projection view including automatic defect recognition for easy interpretation by the operator.


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