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We’ve designed our eddy current testing equipment to be rugged and lightweight for fast, precise eddy current inspections. Use eddy current portables from Waygate Technologies along with an extensive series of compatible electromagnetic probes to conduct high and low-frequency electromagnetic inspections for defect detection, conductivity and coating thickness measurement—including dual frequency and dynamic rotating drive capabilities.

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Waygate Technologies’ flagship eddy current flaw detector Mentor EM offers full phase functionality, excellent signal-to-noise ratio and modernized functionality to take your inspections to the next level. Equipped with onboard Wi-Fi capability, real-time remote collaboration and built-in workflows designed by you, Mentor EM ensures consistency and quality, every time, even in the toughest environments.

Offering flexibility with many probes and accessories

We offer a wide range of eddy current probes and accessories designed for all types of electromagnetic inspections including surface scanning, subsurface inspection, weld inspection, fastener hole inspection, tube inspection and heat treatment verification and metal grade sorting.

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Mentor EM Electromagnetic Flaw Detector

A versatile  electromagnetic flaw detector equipped with a brilliant high resolution display that’s easy to see in any light, plus excellent signal-to-noise ratio for the most precise eddy current inspections. User-designed application workflows right on the device and built-in Wi-Fi capability make it easy for inspectors of all levels to achieve quality results.

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Eddy Current Probes, Transducers and Accessories

An extensive selection of standard electromagnetic probes and coils designed to help you get the most accurate results for a variety of electromagnetic instruments and applications. Choose from a range of options for frequency, shielded or unshielded, and probe size or configuration—from absolute pencil probes to rotating to surface probes and rotary drives.


MiniDrive Rotating Eddy Current Probe Drive

A small, lightweight rotating eddy current probe drive designed specifically for quickly and accurately inspecting fastener holes in confined spaces. The MiniDrive offers the flexibility you need to meet a wide range of inspection requirements with a range of operating speeds, frequencies and compatibility with multiple instruments.

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