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XL Flex and XL Flex+ Videoscopes

Portable, durable and lightweight

Boasting unmatched image quality and intuitive software, the XL Flex and XL Flex+ Videoscopes combine portability with durability on a system lightweight enough to prevent user fatigue, rugged enough to stand up to the harshest inspection environments and designed to meet a wide-range of industry applications, all to help you make smart decisions, fast.

The most versatile video borescope available, its all-way probe articulation and high-output illumination can shed light into the darkest cavities and corners with full-VGA resolution and an 85% larger LCD screen for only the sharpest, clearest images.

Perform confident asset inspections with the reliability of a 4-hour battery life and the efficiency of its user-friendly ergonomic design. Featuring Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) 2.0, an intuitive software program that guides inspectors through the inspection process, the XL Flex and XL Flex+ VideoProbe systems are more than equipped to boost probability of detection, lower operational costs and increase ROI.

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Key Solution Characteristics

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The XL Flex and Flex+ videoscope family is ideal for remote visual inspection in the following industries: AerospaceOil and Gas, Power Generation, Automotive, Food & Beverage, and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.




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