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Mentor Visual iQ HD VideoProbe™

Experience the power of HD video and 3D measurement in your video borescope inspections.

Designed with professional and advanced visual inspectors in mind, Waygate Technologies' visual inspection systems are built to meet the highest standards in image, video, and measurement capability.

The Mentor iQ Video Probe is an industrial videoscope featuring a military-grade portable design for ease of use in any industrial environment. With Mentor Visual iQ, you get the benefits of an HD inspection camera combined with integrated connectivity options that allow for advanced detection and in-the-moment collaborative decision making.

This versatile video borescope inspection tool offers a wide selection of interchangeable probes and platform configurations to enable thorough visual inspections and improve the Probability of Detection (POD) for high-value industrial assets.  A bright LCD touchscreen display with superior viewing angles helps detect even the smallest indications.

And now, inspecting small spaces is easier than ever with new interchangeable small diameter probes, only available through Waygate Technologies. You no longer need to carry a second device to inspect smaller places. All you have to do is switch probes, and all of your inspection data will be in one place with MDI (Menu-Directed Inspection) technology and InspectionWorks.

All of this adds up to the most versatile, reliable, and comprehensive videoscope inspection camera available for your toughest industrial inspection challenges. This is matched with a wide selection of interchangeable probes to deliver reliability across multiple industries including AerospaceOil and Gas, Power Generation, Automotive, Food & Beverage, and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.

We used to be GE Inspection Technologies, now we’re Waygate Technologies, a global leader in NDT solutions with more than 125 years of experience in ensuring quality, safety and productivity.

Mentor Visual iQ Videoscope Features

Experience the Power of HD Inspection
See what the Mentor Visual iQ can do in this interactive PDF

Mentor Visual iQ 3D Measurement Use Cases:

Pipe Weld Inspections Example

Area Depth Profile for Enhanced Cross-Sections

We created a new measurement type we call area depth profile, where we’re able to place two cursors on one side of the weld, and a third cursor on the opposite side. Then, it can provide a view showing a cross-section of the weld at the measurement location.

Turbine Blade Inspection Example

Projected Plane Measurement Shows You What's Missing

The corner of a turbine blade may have broken off from the engine. We developed a new technology we refer to as projected plane measurement, where the user can position three cursors on the remaining face of the turbine blade to effectively extend the surface of the blade to where the corner used to be. 

Lube Oil Pump Inspection Example

3D Phase Measuring for Pixel-Level Accuracy

With the Mentor Visual iQ is we’ve implemented anew mapping technology called 3D phase measuring. 3D phase measuring gives you the ability to look at every single pixel and the X,Y, Z value associated with it. Is it left right? Is it up down? Is it further from the camera or closer to the camera? With 3D phase measuring, we can give that one single pixel an X, Y, Z value.

Power Inspection Example

Real3D vs 2D Measurement

We were approached by a customer who requested our help in gaining additional measurement insights for their inspection protocols. When we were presented with their existing measurement data, we noticed that the previous measurements were taken by 2D imaging and only a length measurement capability. For us, and for our customer, the solution was simple. We knew this was a perfect task for the Mentor Visual iQ, so we performed a 3D measurement, and the customer gained the valuable insights they were previously lacking.

Real3D vs Stereoscopic Measurement

See How a "Correct" Stereoscopic Measurement Can be Wrong

In this video, we dissect an example of scanning two surfaces and their relationship to one another, and how a stereoscopic scan can yield a "correct" measurement - based upon the limitations of the technology - that in fact is not representative of what you are actually seeing. then we compare that same scan with Real3D to see what happened, why it happened, and why Real 3D is the far more accurate option for precision inspection.

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