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Mentor Visual IQ, XL Flex, and XL Detect

Video Borescopes

Advanced video borescope inspection cameras for use in any environment

Waygate Technologies' Video Borescopes and VideoProbe collection give you the highest image quality and measurement capability on your visual inspection device so you can be confident your inspections are thorough and accurate.

With image quality being the top priority for video borescopes across fields such as aerospace, power generation, pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, automotive, and food and beverage, we made it ours too. Our Mentor Visual IQ, XL Flex, and XL Detect videoscope models give you industry-leading image quality, for the highest probability of detection (POD). With technologies like TrueSight™ imaging, our Mentor Visual IQ model will give you the sharpest HD video and image quality, even from increased distances.

We used to be GE Inspection Technologies, now we’re Waygate Technologies, a global leader in NDT solutions with more than 125 years of experience in ensuring quality, safety and productivity.

Measure Accurately

Many industrial borescope inspections require measurement capability to disposition indications. Many measurement requirements can be met with standard stereo or comparison measurement. For more advanced analysis, Real3D measurement technology provides a fully surfaced point cloud for measurement cursor accuracy. Learn more about measurement technology in our Real3D Measurement Handbook.



Maximize Efficiency

In order to maximize the efficiency and completeness of the inspection data capture workflow, all our video borescopes offer Menu Directed Inspection (MDI). This is an intuitive on-borescope application that guides users through the inspection process and automatically provides rich data capture that includes meta-data tags that provide asset and inspection component location, as well as asset health assessments for archive storage, analytics and reporting purposes.




Stay Connected

Our video borescopes are connected devices that host a suite of digital tools used to make inspections consistent and efficient. The Mentor Visual iQ videoproce supports wired and wireless communications to PCs, iOS devices, computer networks, and cloud services.  The MViQ also supports on-device software updates and live-stream video collaboration with telestration to allow field inspectors to collaborate with remote experts. 


Reduce Equipment Downtime

While our intuitive interface and rugged design across all models make our videoscopes simple to use, they are also tested to military standards for durability in harsh environments. So, you’re not only reducing the risk of equipment failures but inspection equipment downtime too. Talk to our experts to learn more.

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Video Borescope Solutions

Video Borescope Solutions

Learn more about our Mentor Visual iQ HD Video Borescope, our XL Detect and XL Detect+, and the XL Flex and XL Flex+ Videoscopes.


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