Industrial X-Ray Machines, Tubes and Generators

Powerful equipment built to last in any environment

Get the most accurate, consistent results with Seifert X-ray installations, tubes, and generators from Waygate Technologies. Our entire line of stationary and radiography testing, portable X-ray inspection solutions is designed to deliver fast and reliable results And they’re built to last — no matter the inspection environment.

Shortening exposure times

Our diverse collection of portable and stationary industrial X-ray solutions deliver fast, reliable results with high X-ray doses and shorter exposure times. 

Delivering consistency

Designed for a wide range of applications, you’re bound to find an X-ray solution that works for your needs  — even the ones that require the highest level of accuracy. You can be confident that you’re getting consistent results, every time. 

Reducing power consumption

We’ve created our products to help reduce power consumption and energy costs, without compromising accuracy or efficiency.


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Inspections are a huge investment in a product. We’ve turned them into added value by helping optimize processes, maximize uptime, predict failures, and improve product design.

Discover Our Products

Seifert ERESCO MF4 Portable Industrial X-ray Generators product image

Seifert ERESCO MF4 Portable Industrial X-ray Generators

Designed for reliability in the world's toughest conditions. We offer light-weight, robust, and highly mobile X-ray inspection technologies as well as radiography testing. So you can meet regulations, reduce energy costs, and work quickly and accurately.


Seifert ISOVOLT Mobile X-ray

Seifert ISOVOLT Mobile 160 Inspection System

A versatile, reliable, high-performance inspection system that significantly extends the areas of radiographic applications. Ideal for inspections where accessing the area is difficult, it offers mobility, performance, versatility, flexibility, and ease.


Seifert Isovolt Titan neo

Seifert ISOVOLT Titan|neo Series

Highly compatible stationary generators that power a range of X-ray inspections. Beyond being easy to use and maintain, it delivers reliable, consistent results with the highest accuracy — giving you precision, greater uptime, and peace of mind.


Seifert ISOVOLT Titan_neo with tube

Seifert ISOVOLT X-Ray Tubes

Field-proven tubes for industrial X-ray and CT generators. This portfolio covers the most industrial applications, with solutions for radiographic and radioscopic inspection, as well as radiometric applications and dosimetry.


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