Automated Ultrasonic Testing

Inspection systems for safety-critical industrial assets

Have the highest degree of inspection confidence at the production rates modern factories demand. The Krautkrämer Automated Ultrasonic Inspection Systems are designed to ensure safety, quality and productivity. From high-pressure pipes used in the Oil and Gas infrastructure, to Aircraft wing structures and a host of other assets in between, there is a Krautkrämer systems available to meet all of your ultrasonic testing needs.

Eliminating defects early

The data generated by these systems, with tailored analytics, enable you not only to assess the quality of individual components, but to eliminate early generated defects during the manufacturing process—improving your bottom line.

Improving productivity

Built for today’s demands, the Krautkrämer Automated Ultrasonic Inspection Systems help you detect defects without impacting throughput.

Inspections are a huge investment in a product. We’ve turned them into added value by helping optimize processes, maximize uptime, predict failures, and improve product design.

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Krautkrämer RokStar

Aerospace & Other Composite Materials Testing

Systems designed to inspect aircraft or other industries' parts made from composites without slowing down your process. Designed to find defects that could lead to part failures at a high throughput rate. 


AUT Solutions_Product Images_Metal Bar Inspection

Metal Bar and Wire Inspection

A robust line of Krautkrämer automated ultrasonic testing solutions offers a wide array of non-destructive testing options for industrial steel and metal products such as bars, billets and wire.


AUT Solutions_Product Images_Ultrasonic Immersion Testing

Ultrasonic Immersion Testing

Modular immersion tank inspection systems for the optimum balance of flexibility, performance, and cost for any small component inspection across aviation, metal manufacturing, and automotive industries.


AUT Solutions_Product Images_Steel Plate Thickness Testing.

Steel and Aluminum Plate Testing

The precision equipment needed for reliable inspection of steel and aluminum plates. A robust line of Krautkramer automated ultrasonic testing solutions, offering a wide array of non-destructive testing options for the plate and sheet metal industry.



Krautkrämer USIP|xs CV – ESSENTIAL

Multi-Channel Flaw Detectors

A robust line of Krautkramer ultrasonic testing solutions offers a wide array of instruments ideal for use in most UT inspections.


Tube and Pipe Testing

Tube and Pipe Inspection 

Ultrasonic tube and pipe inspection solutions to achieve high throughput while maintaining high integrity inspection results. Available in a variety of configurations to match your manufacturing flow.


WheelStar web photo 2

Rail Wheel Inspection

The under-car version of the Krautkrämer WheelStar marks the optimum in productivity when testing train wheels in service.

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