DICONDE-compliant NDT Image Acquistion and Analysis

Rhythm Insight RT and Rhythm Review

Superior inspection results, an intutive touch user interface, powerful analysis features, unrivaled standards support and much more. The Rhythm Insight RT and Rhythm Review are the gold standard for software in Field Radiography that uncomplicates your X-ray inspections so you and your team can make more informed decisions, faster.

Flash! software helps you to visualize essentials without the irrelevant details. Flash! enables one-click reading without manipulations and is operator independent with consistent, clear output, fully visibility in all densities. It calculates 60 Billion times per image to help you see the invisible in your inspection tasks. 

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WT Rhythm Insight Software

Rhythm Insight 

Rhythm Insight is a user-friendly software that captures, enhances, reports, approves, shares, and sends NDT imaging data to archives and full analysis software solutions.  It is modular and permits users to build Rhythm solutions which meet their needs in a variety of field and back-office applications and industries.

With a flexible architecture, efficient workflow, data-integrity and security, Rhythm Insight RT gives you software that maximizes the power of your radiographic imaging systems - from film digitization (FD), through computed radiography (CR), to digital detector array (DDA) radiography.


WT Rhythm Review Software

Rhythm Review  

Rhythm Review is a powerful software that builds on Rhythm Insight and provides users with full analysis features for their inspections. The software offers a complete set of inspection tools such as annotation, markers, zoom, filters, depth, and thickness and measurement tools for defect size, etc. Rhythm Review also offers Quality Control including splitting and joining DICONDE series and study information, studying status history, and managing review acceptance criteria.  Standardized image quality tools including Basic Spatial Resolutions, Contract to Noise Rations (CNR), Signal to Noise, and Contrast Sensitibity according to ASTM, ISO and other standards. 


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