Portable A-Scan Thickness Gauges
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DMS GO+ handheld thickness gauge

DMS Go+ Series Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

The DMS Go+ Series of A-scan thickness gauges provides accurate, reliable, and comprehensive thickness inspection data in a wide range of applications and environments.

All three models - DMS Go+ Basic, DMS Go+, and DMS Go+ Advanced - feature intuitive, easy-to-use arrow-keypad control and carry out from simple A-scan verification to B-scan and full Data Recording. The three thickness gauges are easy to upgrade with additional features and capabilities in order to form a powerful and flexible NDT inspection tool that meets your corrosion thickness application needs.

The DMS Go+ Series uses the same operating platform and hardware as the state-of-the-art USM Go+ portable flaw detector. This offers the ability to have an A-scan thickness gauge and full-fledged flaw detector in one powerful & flexible instrument.

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