Weld assessment of difficult-to-access, small diameter pipes

Small Diameter Circumferential Weld Inspection

Customer Need

Circumferential butt welds are found in various structures including small diameter tubes in boilers. Experts inspect the tubes to locate defects which could result in the failure of a component, possibly inducing a human or environmental hazard. When NDT inspection of circumferential butt welds are performed manually, it is difficult to meet the required standards on safety, measurement precision, reliability, and quality data management.
New or repaired welds are usually inspected by radiography however the technology requires evacuation of the workers on site and considerable time for developing the radiographic films.


Weld assessment of difficult-to-access, small diameter pipes.

Customer Solution

BHGE Inspection Technologies field-proven PALM scanners can inspect pipes of diameters from 1.5” up to 3.5”. The scanners are easily adaptable with various wedges and phased array probes to meet inspection procedures regardless of tube thickness, material or acceptance criteria.
The PALM scanner uses laterally focused array probes with concave curvature in elevation; the probe design optimizes the ultrasonic beam focus on the surface and increases lateral defect resolution compared to unfocused probes.The wedges are designed with integrated irrigation channels for consistent couplant feed and all the curvatures are crafted to fit the PALM scanner.


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