Complete line of advanced STRUCTURIX processing chemicals

X-Ray Film Processing Chemicals for Industrial Radiography

The chemistry involved in the processing of radiographic film is a crucial part of the total cycle. Because the goal in processing is to control all factors that influence the intrinsic quality of the industrial X-ray film, the use of optimal chemicals is essential. Waygate Technologies, formerly known as GE Inspection Technologies, is the exclusive provider of the complete line of advanced, high-quality STRUCTURIX processing chemicals. Specially designed for industrial X-ray applications, STRUCTURIX chemicals are an integral part of our total system approach.

We used to be GE Inspection Technologies, now we’re Waygate Technologies, a global leader in NDT solutions with more than 125 years of experience in ensuring quality, safety and productivity.

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Product Features

X-Ray Film Processing Chemicals Range

  • X-Ray Film Processing Chemicals Range
    • Manual X-Ray Processing Chemicals
      • STRUCTURIX G 128 Developer: A single part liquid developer for manual processing of industrial X-ray films.
      • STRUCTURIX G 328 Fixer: A single part liquid fixer for manual processing of industrial X-ray films containing no hardening agent.
    • Automatic X-Ray Processing Chemicals
      • STRUCTURIX ecoDEV: A new two-part developer suitable for standard processing in the 8 minute cycle but specifically designed for super fast 5 minute processing.
      • STRUCTURIX ecoSTART:  A new one-part starter solution to be added to ecoDEV ready-for-use solution.
      • STRUCTURIX ecoFIX: A new two-part fixer for universal use but specially designed for super fast processing, with the lowest possible replenishment rates while rendering improved archiving results. 
      • STRUCTURIX G 135 Developer:  A three-part developer for use with automatic X-ray film processing. 
      • STRUCTURIX G 135 s Starter:  A one-part ready-for-use starter solution to be added to fresh G135 developer ready-for-use solution. 
      • STRUCTURIX G 335 Fixer: A two-part fixer for universal use. The G335 fixer is universally applicable for automatic and manual X-ray film processing.
    • X-Ray Film Processor Cleaning Products
      • STRUCTURIX DEVCLEAN: A highly efficient, two-part maintenance product for the thorough cleaning of the developing area of both processors and tanks along with the accessories used for manual X-ray film development.
      • STRUCTURIX FIXCLEAN:  A one-part liquid cleaning product for regular maintenance of fixer, intermediate rinsing and wash water areas of X-ray film processors. 
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