Fast, accurate, field-tested UT flaw detectors

Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors

Waygate Technologies’ portable flaw detectors use powerful ultrasound technology to penetrate deep into materials with superior sensitivity — searching for defects, cracks, and other discontinuities. Ensure the highest Probability of Detection (POD) so you can make your inspections more precise, your processes efficient, and your assets safe for operation.

Revolutionizing UT inspections 

By combining intuitive and flexible operating software with durable hardware, our innovative tools are built to last. Now, you can access the powerful features of larger ultrasonic testing systems in an ultra-portable form.

Inspections are a huge investment in a product. We’ve turned them into added value by helping optimize processes, maximize uptime, predict failures, and improve product design.

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Sleek and rugged design

Krautkrämer USM 100

Superior inspection results, a best-in-class user interface, great ergonomics and rugged design, unrivaled connectivity options and much more. The new Krautkrämer USM 100 is a revolutionary ultrasonic flaw detector that uncomplicates your inspections so you and your team can make more informed decisions, faster. 

USLT USB Product Image

USLT USB: Spot Weld Inspection System

Reliable ultrasonic flaw detection paired with updated software and portability standards

Portable Flaw Detectors_Product Images_Krautkrämer USM 36 Portable Flaw Detector

Krautkrämer USM 36 Portable Flaw Detector

An everyday workhorse of NDT flaw detectors and the universal portable ultrasonic flaw detector from Waygate Technologies. Delivers an ergonomic design, state-of-the-art performance, and the biggest display screen in its class.

Portable Flaw Detectors_Product Images_Krautkrämer USM Go+ Portable Flaw Detector

Krautkrämer USM Go+ Portable Flaw Detector

An ergonomic and powerful NDT device for field inspection. Get light and handy design, intuitive controls, and reliable detection of defects located just below the surface of the test piece.



Mentor UT Phased Array Portable Flaw Detector

The next-generation Ultrasonic Phased Array Flaw Detector from Waygate Technologies. It raises the standard of quality, consistency, and accessibility in ultrasonic testing — making inspections easier, more accurate, and more efficient.


BHW-15699_Portable Flaw Detectors_Product Images_USN 60 / 60L Portable Flaw Detector

USN 60 / 60L Portable Flaw Detector

Optimized for outdoor in sunlight and extreme temperatures. This device boasts a long battery life, rugged design, and two sizes based on your application’s challenges. 


Krautkrämer USIP|xs CV – ESSENTIAL

NEW Krautkrämer USIP|xs CV 

The improved multi-instrument architecture helps optimize automation capabilities and provides more interfaces and flexibility. The USIP|xs CV can be integrated into any automated and semi-automated inspection system.


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