Bond Scanner
The fastest, easiest, most accurate solution for the inspection of adhesively bonded joints

Inspecting bond conditions on a new level

Ultrasonic Inspection of Adhesively Joint Parts

As adhesive joining continues to gain importance in the automotive and other industries, manufacturers and operators recognize that adhesive applications require specific inspection.

Bonding with adhesives has become an increasingly popular method to reduce the weight of automotive body panels. In consequence, bond lines in modern car designs can amount to hundreds of meters. Since even the smallest deficiency in the bond can cause corrosion, inspection during the manufacturing process is crucial.

The Bond Scanner from Waygate Technologies allows for fast, easy, reliable, and repeatable testing of bonded parts. It eliminates scrap and with its phased array technology and flexible design, guarantees full coverage of the bond line or seam.

The Bond Scanner is simply clamped on the two body panels joined by a seam bond. The innovative array design enables the array to adapt also to contoured parts as commonly used in automobile designs and covering bond lines up to 32 mm in width.

Since the spring-loaded encoder wheel is located on the other side of the plate combination a firm and stable position of the array can be realized. The specially designed protection foil reduces the needed couplant to a minimum and enables a manual, one-handed scanning. Complete sections of car body bond seams (e.g. on hoods, doors or other mounted parts) can be inspected in just one scan. Knowing if your parts are adequately bonded increases productivity and ensures that product safety and quality standards are met every time.

This solution allows the inspector to evaluate the bond seams’ overall width and identify misaligned bond lines or areas that lack adhesive. The Bond Scanner can be used in all industry sectors where bond lines must be assessed.

The Bond Scanner Portfolio


WT MUX Module


Compatible with up to 128 el. Arrays with Tyco connector. Also includes extra hot swappable battery, HDMI, and ethernet ports. ​

WT Mentor UT


Compatible with 32 element arrays with standard Tyco connector

WT Presentation Module

Presentation Module: 118M1844

Includes USB, HDMI, Ethernet and Encoder ports.​

WT Splitter Box

The Splitter Box

Allows to connect multiple Bond Scanner Probes to the Mentor UT. This flexible solution allows the operation with different probes at the same time without disconnection and connection of probes during the inspection. ​

The Splitter Box consists of a “Base Box” that is connected do the Mentor UT device. ​

To connect the two Bond Scanner probes LA-10 32 Flex and LA-10 32 8-18, two 32 Element Channel Boxes are attached to the Base Box (MUX-Module required). ​

Part Numbers:​

  • UA600638  Base box   ​
  • UA600496  32 channels box 
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