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Everest Mentor Flex VideoProbe™

With mounting demand to get inspections done quicker and cheaper, without compromising the accuracy of the results, most equipment can’t withstand the pressure. Combining portability with military-grade durability, the Everest Mentor Flex answers the call with the features you always wished you’d had for the tasks that demand it — all to help you make smart decisions, fast.

An industrial, versatile video borescope, designed for ease of use in any environment, the Everest Mentor Flex features:

  • A Wide XGA touchscreen display with improved brightness and viewing angles lets you see more, so you can increase the probability of detection.
  • Intuitive user interface and Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) speed up the workflow with digital tools for auto image tagging and report generation, so inspectors can consistently deliver results with confidence.
  • Advanced mechanical design enables increased articulation range and extended life to ensure thorough inspections of the entire asset in less time.
  • Wireless video streaming and data transfer to iOS devices powered by InspectionWorks.
  • Stereo and comparison measurement interface for accurate and precise defect assessment.

Always Up to Date

Instead of trying to keep up with the pace of operational demands in the world, the Everest Mentor Flex is future-proof and future-ready. With easy wireless upgrades and planned software releases, you can keep equipment up to date and stay ahead of the curve.


It’s That Simple

When time is critical and inspections need to be precise, your choice in borescope matters. But when the price-competitive Everest Mentor Flex delivers the same level of confidence you’ve come to expect from Waygate Technologies — all while future-proofing your inspections — the answer is simple.

Everest Mentor Flex Videoscope Features

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