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To mitigate the loss of this year’s Control Show 2020 in Stuttgart, Germany, our team has hosted a series of online webinars on a variety of topics. Check out the Waygate Technologies YouTube channel to access the webinars and more.

Watch the X-Ray and CT webinar for details about how to get the most from our world-class X-ray and CT inspection technologies as Dr. Oliver Brunke, senior global product management leader of radiography systems at Waygate Technologies discusses radiography challenges across a variety of industries.

In our Metrology by CT webinar you’ll learn more about achieving greater CT accuracy as Florian Knigge, technical leader of metrology for radiography systems at Waygate Technologies leads a discussion of metrology applications, the factors that influence accuracy, and Waygate’s technical solutions.

Delve deep into elements of image quality including spatial resolution, unsharpness and magnification in X-ray and CT systems as Dr. Holger Roth, senior training manager at Waygate hosts the Elements of Image Quality webinar.

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The Advantages of Computed tomography in Lithium Ion Battery Cell Inspection

In this podcast, ARC Vice President Craig Resnick interviews two leaders from Waygate Technologies, a Baker Hughes business: Oliver Brunke, Product Management Team Leader and Udo de Vries, Growth and Strategy Leader, to discuss for example, what are the advantages of computed tomography in Lithium Ion battery cell inspection; in which phases of the product lifecycle can computed tomography be applied for batteries, which types of batteries and battery systems can be inspected, at which customer locations can CT be applied for batteries, and what kind of failures can computed tomography detect for Lithium Ion batteries.

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