Solutions for the Ultrasonic Inspection of Long Steel Products

Krautkrämer ROWA™ Ux - Ultrasonic Inspection of Bar and Wire

Non-destructive testing (NDT) of bar stock is subject to constantly increasing demands concerning the quality of the test. This applies to bright precision steel and special bar quality (SBQ) levels as well as to hot-rolled black steel bar and wire, which often are used as a semi-finished product for cold-drawn bars.

Until the mid-2000s, eddy current inspection only was still sufficient to meet the quality requirements of the automotive industry. Today, non-destructive ultrasonic testing has become a standard method for most material qualities.

To avoid that the increased inspection requirements affect the profitability of the products, automated phased-array ultrasonic testing of long steel bar and wire stock became part of the standard inspection process.

In contrast to conventional test systems, ultrasonic phased-array inspection systems consist of fewer individual parts, since the direction of the sound is no longer generated by mechanical adjustment of probes, but electronically. This also eliminates the need to manually set the ultrasonic incidence angle, which requires a certain amount of operator skill and is time-consuming.

Phased-array test systems require significantly less maintenance, have a higher level of availability and, at the same time, place lower demands on the personnel than conventional ultrasonic test systems, since all settings of previously prepared data sets are made fully automatically and are reproducible.

Krautkrämer ROWA™ Ux 

Waygate Technologies' line of Krautkrämer ROWA™ Ux Industrial Automated UT systems are the most compact and simplistic solution for the full-body inspection of bars, billets and wire stock made from (stainless) steel alloys, aluminum, brass and titanium on the market.

The system is designed for the highest quality requirements and meets all common ultrasonic inspection standards such as ISO 18563, AMS2154 Class AA, NADCAP as well as the industrial standards of the automotive and aviation industries. The compact dimensions of the mechanics enable for the most cost- effective integration into existing or new inspection lines. The optionally available reference standard manipulator “RSM” also enables a fully automatic, 100% reproducible sensitivity adjustment without any operator influence.

Krautkrämer ROWA Ux 400 mini

Non-destructive, ultrasonic testing for small diameter steel bars starting from 6mm

Our Krautkrämer ROWA ultrasonic testing solution is trusted by manufacturers, certifiers, and auditors alike for proven reliability, performance, and detectability. Combining 20+ years of experience in phased array technology with a simple and robust design, Waygate Technologies developed the ROWA Ux 400 mini for small diameter steel bars in the 6-25mm diameter range.

Consistent quality at reduced cost

Using industry-leading phased array technology, the ROWA Ux 400 mini now allows efficient inspection of such metal bars before they are further processed. The new solution reduces overall cost and offers greater productivity at consistent quality for the automotive, engineering, construction, power generation and chemical industries.

Increased uptime and easy operation

Its stationary mounted phased array probes are controlled by software and electronics only, eliminating manual intervention and allowing greater ease of operation. Employing a simplistic design without any rotating parts like probe holders, seals, and bearings – which typically need a lot of manual adjustment, care, and service – the ROWA Ux 400 mini requires lower maintenance, increases uptime and takes productivity to the next level.

Krautkrämer ROWA™ Ux Features

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Technical Specifications

  • Krautkrämer ROWA™ Ux Technical Specifications
    • ROWA™ Ux
      • Test objects:
        • Metal bars
      • Test diameter range:
        • Round D 6-260mm
      • Test speed:
        • Up to 120m/min
      • Detection capability:
        • Flat bottom hole D≥0.7mm
        • Side drilled hole D≥0.3mm
        • Surface notch t≥0.1mm
        • Untested ends down to 30mm
        • Deviating requirements on requests