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Upcoming Webinars

A Practical Guide to Digital Field Radiography

December 3, 2020

One of today's challenges is knowing how to ensure quality standards and operational efficiency is met. In this webinar, you will learn about the benefits of NDT digitalization via Field Radiography.

Speakers: Daniel Emmons, Johan Grauls, Joris Vochten, Steven Wissels

Inspection of large, dense or complex parts with High Energy CT

December 8, 2020

In this webinar, will present the key features of state of the art Linac based high energy CT systems and  how we have managed to combine the penetration power of these systems with our proprietary Scatter|correct technology.

Speakers: Shana Telesz

OnDemand Webinars


3D Automated Inline CT Solutions for Manufacturing Quality Assurance

Discover the technology that can help address key challenges when inspecting electronics and automotive components

Speaker: Michael Ulbricht

A - L

Advanced Inspection Solutions

Learn about the broad portfolio of robotic capabilities and technologies to enhance your inspection plans

Speakers: Rob Roney & Pete Nutty

Advancement in Real3D™ Surface Analysis Using Remote Visual Inspection

Real3D measurement overview for stereo and 3D phased

Speakers: Paul Thompson & Clark Bendall

Aerospace Material Inspection

See how ultrasonic testing machines can provide quality assurance for wide range of aircraft compoents made from advanced materials or composites

Speaker: Heiko Sackenreuther, Peter Fey, Walter De Odorico

App-Based Phased Array Inspection

Utiltizing an app-based workflow to simplify phased array inspection

Speaker: Thomas Fausten

Elements of Image Quality

Join Dr. Roth as he delves deep into the elements of image quality

Speaker: Holger Roth

Industrial X-Ray Imaging Solutions: Safety, Quality & Productivity in Product Development and Manufacturing

Hear our expert discuss radiography challenges across a variety of industries

Speaker: Steve Zahorodny

Industry Trends in Advanced CT Inspection: Lithium Ion Battery Cell Inspection

Discover how CT technology can help ensure quality production of Li-Ion batteries

Speaker: Udo de Vries

M - Z

Maximizing Inspection Outcomes with MViQ TrueSight™ Imaging

Explore the HD image hardware advancements and image processing functions

Metrology by CT

Achieve greater CT accuracy through Waygate Technologies metrology solutions

Speaker: Florian Knigge

Real3D™ Measurement Tips & Best Practices

Our experts will show you tips and best practices for Real3D™ measurement, learn how to make good calls with Real3D™ and avoid costly measurement errors

Speaker: Paul Thompson and Clark Bendall

RVI Productivity Solutions

Let us introduce you to a variety of productivity-boosting remote visual inspection software tools

Speaker: Tom Britton

RVI Productivity Solutions

Using the MViQ for demonstration, learn how to quickly and accurately share live inspection data wirelessly and document inspection outcome

Speaker: Paul Thompson and Tom Britton

See the Difference: UT Probe Comparison Webinar

Comparative analysis on three of Waygate Technologies probes when assessed against the leading competitors counterparts

Speaker: Eric Klaben & Rick Cahill

The Future of Field Radiography is Digital

Learn what's new in the NDT digital space

Speakers: Daniel Emmons & Steven Wissel

The Power of TrueSight™ Imaging

See more with TrueSight™ image enhancements by unleashing the power of TrueSight imaging

Speakers: Paul Thompson and Tom Ward

Video Probe Care & RVI Task Proficiency

Learn the fundamentals of caring for a videoscope, performing meaningful RVI tasks and how to maximize your ROI

Speakers: Paul Thompson and Tom Britton