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Phoenix Speed|scan HD

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Complex production lines must safely and consistently turn out high-quality parts and products. Waygate Technologies offers the Speed|scan HD - a fully automated high speed inline Computed Topography (CT) system for production process control and optimization. Based on more than 20 years of industry proven technology, the Speed|scan HD system supports microCT inspections for up to 100% of production volume, helping you to reach your zero defect target.

The system is designed to allow full 3D production control across a variety of electronic, automotive, and medical device applications, including batteries, connectors, injection moldings, and complex assemblies and AM parts.

Fully automated parts handling and a bundle of CT innovations enable 24/7 Speed|scan HD operation at exceptional voxel resolutions down to 25 microns. With advanced artificial intelligence (A/I) - based-battery anode overhang analysis as well as automatic defect recognition (ADR) for pass/fail decisions and fully automated CT workflows, the Speed|scan HD system is setting new standards for reliable and precise production control.

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Speed|scan HD Features

All of this translates to significant cost savings due to:

  • Reduced number of rejects and recalls - both internally and externally
  • Lower cost of quality
  • Faster product ramp up and production process optimization
  • Significantly less user interaction than conventional CT technology
    • 90% to 98% reduction in operator time due to robotics and automated workflows
    • 90% to 98% reduction in expert analysis time with automated defect recognition (ADR)
    • 5 to 10 times greater throughput compared to manual inspection
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Enable in-line metrology for complex automotive injection molded parts using Phoenix Speed|scan HD
New Whitepaper
Ensure quality control for batteries using industrial CT inspection using Phoenix Speed|scan HD

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