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Remote Visual Inspection and Cleaning Services

Improve your equipment upkeep with Dry-Steam Cleaning, Quaternary Annulus, and Loose Parts Retrieval services

When dealing with the most high-power chemicals and fuels, even the most miniscule defect throughout an entire industrial plant can affect its productivity, profitability, and most of all, safety. And with these complex systems, comes unique challenges in the inspection process. For over 30 years, Waygate Technologies has worked to advance non-destructive inspection technology, by creating tools that eliminate the limitations to what areas we can assess. Specialized RVI devices allow for the complex, confined, and dangerous areas of plants to be thoroughly inspected for corrosion and other material degradation, in order to meet regulatory and safety standards. Collaborate with highly trained personnel to find out which devices will offer the most accurate inspection of integral areas such as piping, tanks, vessels, containers, and gas turbines, all without having to disassemble valuable equipment, or send inspectors into hazardous situations. Through this service, you get the most in-depth analysis in real time, and bring confidence to the on-the-spot decisions needed to keep your plant running.

While RVI processes identify problematic areas, there are also services to help you solve them in order to properly maintain your assets. To combat material degradation and fixed contaminants within gas turbines, the Dry-Steam Cleaning system effectively cleans critical areas to improve the surface smoothness and overall strength of the machine. While the Quaternary Annulus Cleaning service works to alleviate the risk of elevated dynamics, high exhaust spreads, and unit trips, so that your gas turbines can meet TIL 1724 regulations. Meanwhile, the Advanced Inspection Services team has a multitude of Loose Parts Retrieval tools, along with a 98% success rate, to complete non-invasive retrievals throughout any system. These services keep your systems running reliably to decrease the risk of unexpected down time, and assure the safety of your workers.

Through more than 30 years, we’ve saved thousands of customers billions of dollars through non-invasive parts retrieval.

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