Linac based high energy CT
Revolutionize the way you inspect with the Phoenix Power|scan HE

9MeV High Energy CT Inspection: Scan large, complex parts with ease

Every day, constant developments in manufacturing pose new challenges outside the realm of traditional inspection. As global technology demands require faster production times, and tightening regulations call for ultimate precision, inspection technologies need to work harder than ever to keep up.

As the leader in CT technology, Waygate Technologies’ inspection systems and services meet those challenges with relentless innovation. The very first of its kind, our 9 MeV high energy CT scanner called Phoenix Power|scan HE leverages cutting-edge technological advancements to scan large, complex parts and assemblies with unmatched speed, precision, and ease of use—enabling faster, more precise inspections than ever before.

Linac based high energy CT

Get on-demand access to this powerful CT technology and expertise, without having to upkeep any inspection equipment. Our experts are poised and ready to help you take an in-depth look into the internal features you could never see before, so you can understand how to better protect them from failure.

Bring new possibilities to your manufacturing process when you experience the expert-backed inspection system on your own production floor.

High-Energy CT inspection like never before: Phoenix Power|scan HE.

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Faster scan times
Our system delivers imaging results up to 66% faster, so you can make smarter decisions, maximize profitability, and reduce production time.
Crystal-clear resolution
Reduce risk and improve confidence with full penetration for crisp image quality. See intricate details and push the limits of production without concern.
Reinvent Reliability
By getting a detailed look at every aspect of your manufacturing process, inside and out, you gain advanced insight on how to properly maintain your components, and keep them running reliably.
Flexible Service and Solutions
We offer flexible inspection services including pay-per-scan and “time on asset” options. Our experts at our Customer Service Center in Cincinnati can answer any questions about our offerings, and our rental program. If you’d like to purchase our High Energy CT equipment, get in touch.

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Key features

High energy CT scanning


Our unique scatter|correct technology delivers premium imaging results up to 66% faster and with unmatched resolution.

Dense part inspection

Ideal for high density industrial CT, the system’s 20x more powerful penetration energy can scan high density metal alloys used for additive components and structure castings.

Large part scanning

Scan large, complex assemblies and components that weigh up to 1000 kg, for applications in electric motors, aviation composites, metal space parts and more. An integrated crane makes loading and unloading parts simple.

Dual detector

Linear Diode Array (LDA) and Flat Panel (DDA) detect defects including porosity, foreign material, measurement, lack of fusion, positive metals, and trapped powder.