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Non-Destructive Electronics Testing Solutions That Won’t Slow You Down

Electronics play an increasingly important role in modern life. From smartphones and computers to electric cars and airplanes, microscopic electrical components are the hidden heroes in millions of different devices across a wide spectrum of industries. As demand for these ever-shrinking components has scaled upwards, so have the federal regulations and safety standards surrounding their manufacture and use. Ensuring the safety and integrity of electrical components amid faster production cycles requires advanced and reliable inspection technologies.

Waygate Technologies is an industry leader in non-destructive inspection solutions for electronics. Our precision tools bring powerful 3D CT inspection solutions right to the electronics production line. Designed to keep up with both faster production cycles and increasing safety standards, our multifunction NDT inspection technologies allow for high volume and high throughput inspections of even the most minute electronic components and assemblies.

From Automated X-Ray Inspection (AXI) of printed circuit board (PCB) solder joints and assemblies to the testing of lithium-ion cells and batteries, Waygate Technologies has the tools to meet even the toughest electronic inspection challenges.

Solutions for electronics inspections

PCB solder joint inspection / AXI

PCB Inspection

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) are found at the heart of many of the smart technologies used today. An important aspect of ensuring the integrity of these parts is the inspection of solder joints on Ball Grid Arrays (BGA) and other essential packages. But PCB technology is constantly evolving and with variation in density and set-up, solder joints may not always be visible, making the optical inspection of solder joints impossible.

Waygate Technologies' family of high-performance Automated X-Ray (AXI) and intuitive software tools have been built with these challenges in mind. Our AXI technology allows for looking under electronic chips and circuit boards to inspect solder joints in a reliable, efficient and non-destructive way. Employing state-of-the-art HD technology, our tools allow for solder joint inspection with extremely high defect coverage and repeatability.

Inspection of Lithium-Ion Cells and Batteries

Li-ion Battery Testing

Li-Ion batteries are among the most powerful energy storage devices commonly used in portable electronic devices, stationary power sources and electric vehicles - all of which require rigorous quality assurance and safety testing ahead of use.

Waygate Technologies offers a broad portfolio of premium radiography systems with numerous applications for Lithium-ion cell and battery testing. From fast and reliable inlineCT inspection to post-mortem analysis of defective Li-Ion batteries to uncover any underlying means of failure, Waygate Technologies offers the tools you need to power all your Lithium-ion cell research, development and testing needs.

Support and Service

Support and Services

Besides offering industry-leading electronics testing solutions, Waygate Technologies also brings the expert advice and certifications you need to complete and interpret the results of your electronics inspection tasks. Contact a Waygate Technologies expert to learn more about our training and educational offerings.

The Advantages of Computed tomography in Lithium Ion Battery Cell Inspection

In this podcast, ARC Vice President Craig Resnick interviews two leaders from Waygate Technologies, a Baker Hughes business: Oliver Brunke, Product Management Team Leader and Udo de Vries, Growth and Strategy Leader, to discuss for example, what are the advantages of computed tomography in Lithium Ion battery cell inspection; in which phases of the product lifecycle can computed tomography be applied for batteries, which types of batteries and battery systems can be inspected, at which customer locations can CT be applied for batteries, and what kind of failures can computed tomography detect for Lithium Ion batteries.

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