Inspection & NDT Solutions for Automotive

Inspection & NDT Solutions for Automotive

From castings and composites over weld and bond seam inspection to general electronics, sensors, and batteries scanning - Waygate Technologies offers industry-leading solutions to meet even the toughest requirements of the Automotive industry. We offer non-destructive testing on all of our solutions for your automotive plant.

Cast parts

Cast Parts

As the world’s digital industrial leader, Waygate Technologies moves industry forward with advanced technology, unprecedented data, and constant innovation. And our long established family of Krautkrämer Lab Tanks is no exception. With the new Krautkrämer Lab Tank, industrial tank inspections are simpler and smarter than ever before.

Waygate Technologies' family of Phoenix X-ray and CT solutions offers non destructive testing and metrology for your automotive components - for fast product ramp up, optimized production processes and highest quality.


Weld Inspection

Encoded Phased-Array inspection of welds offers the benefits of a reduced inspection time, while increasing the probability of detection and providing a comprehensive documentation of the inspection results directly on the instrument. The PALM Flat Scanner is a versatile and ergonomic inspection tool featuring an integrated encoder and magnetic wheels, allowing vertical and overhead operation. The scanner can be used on diameters larger than 90 mm for circumferential scanning and 200 mm for axial scanning.

Radiographic non-destructive testing is also used to detect flaws in welds. X-ray computed tomography (CT) enables even higher defect detectability and provides three-dimensional images of low-contrast defects.

Bond Seam

Bond Seam inspection

Mentor UT is ideal for your bond seams. It is the next-generation Ultrasonic Phased Array Flaw Detector from Waygate Technologies. It raises the standard of quality, consistency, and accessibility in ultrasonic testing. It’s easy to adopt and surprisingly intuitive to use for your non-destructive testing.

Also, the Phoenix X-ray and CT solutions range helps to non-destructively inspect bond seams. 

General electronics, sensors, & batteries

Electronics Inspection

The Phoenix family of X-ray inspection and CT solutions will bring what you need to your general electronics, sensors and batteries. We provide the nano- micro- and minifocus non destructive automated X-ray Inspection (AXI) and laboratory as well as inlineCT testing for your plant needs. You will benefit form high productivity and repeatability due to automation of inspection steps.

Services & Support

Waygate Technologies provides customers with an experienced staff of customer support personnel ready to respond to technical inquiries, remote and onsite support needs.

To complement our broad portfolio of industry-leading solutions, we offer several types of flexible and scalable support services including training, product repairs, service agreements and more.

Ultrasonic Inspection Solutions for Automotive

Inspect glue lines and seams on automotive body panels with confidence. With Waygate Technologies flaw detectors, scanners and solutions, and the right software for your plant, you'll have the convenience and flexibility you need with non destructive testing.

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