Inspection and NDT solutions for the aerospace industry

Tightening compliance regulations in the aerospace industry are making precise inspections more vital than ever. At the same time, the pressure to reduce operating costs is intense. Trusted by the aviation and space industries for over 100 years to inspect everything from plane motors to rocket components, Waygate Technologies has the smart, productive and lean inspection solutions aerospace needs to meet these dual challenges in both manufacturing and maintenance.



Inspections are a huge investment in a product. We’ve turned them into added value by helping optimize processes, maximize uptime, predict failures, and improve product design.

Technologies made for your industry


Aircraft Composite Inspection

Composite use in aircraft has dramatically increased over the past several years, now for a variety of safety-critical parts from large aircraft wing sections to very complex 3D components with very demanding inspection requirements.

Waygate Technologies' composite inspection systems are designed specifically with two things in mind – find defects that could lead to part failures and do so at very high throughput rates to keep up with industry need. From advanced industrial radiography to both portable and automated ultrasonic inspection systems, our range of composite inspection solutions offer the ideal combination of powerful performance and portability, resulting in more uptime without compromising quality.

Turbine Blades

Turbine Blade Inspection

Imagine being able to fully examine and measure parts during the turbine blade manufacturing production process, being able to check for internal defects in complex 3D printed parts in real time, and getting faster visual inspections with HD image quality so you never miss a defect.

Waygate Technologies' advanced CT solutions can now be used as a powerful quality control and process optimization tool, helping you meet and exceed standard compliance regulations by providing fast inspection and accurate 3D measurement of components that are difficult to examine by conventional two dimensional (2D) radiography or coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). And, Waygate Technologies leads the industry with cutting-edge handheld visual inspection solutions for jet engines, turbines and blades

Cast Parts

Cast Parts Inspection

Forged and cast metallic parts are used extensively in a variety of critical applications in nearly every industrial segment. In many cases these parts are inspected by hand – often subjective and inaccurate methods. This means added risk which can't be afforded with strict testing and documentation standards that must be met. 

Waygate Technologies has been helping customers improve cast parts inspection accuracy and repeatability with advanced industrial radiography solutions for decades, helping to overcome this subjectivity at high throughput rates. By seamlessly integrating these powerful and robust system configurations, you can raise your inspections to new levels of quality and performance. Latest 3D CT systems even enable advanced 3D evaluation and metrology.

Inspection Software Solutions

Inspection Software Solutions

When time is your most valuable asset, we want to help you make the most of it. Waygate Technologies’ InspectionWorks Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Software Platform is built to simplify your NDT inspection processes, from data collection to analysis and file management. Our software helps you transform inspections from a necessary cost to a critical flow of data enabling better product design and optimization.

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